Consultancy for Website Developer for YELL Website Update and Upgrade

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YELL (Youth Environment Living Labs) is a partnership between UNDP and UNICEF, focused on empowering young people for climate and environmental action in Malaysia and beyond. YELL has two main goals which is fill knowledge gaps among local youth by emphasizing local perspectives on climate and the environment and strengthen the support system for youth engagement in environmental policy and actions.

YELL's website, created in 2021, serves as a one-stop Network Resource Hub, gathering environmental resources, initiatives, organizations, and project information. It aims to make it easier for young people, educators, and the public to access these resources and take action. To improve the website's user experience and attract repeat visitors, YELL plans to update and enhance its content. The site targets three main groups:

  1. Young learners (ages 7-30) interested in climate and environmental issues.
  2. Educators and the general public looking for teaching resources.
  3. Potential collaborators, partners, and funders interested in YELL's programs and impact.



This project involves upgrading the YELL website with enhanced content, design, and user experience. It includes mobile optimization, navigation improvements, template design, multimedia integration, and security enhancements. Technical support, maintenance, SEO strategies, and regular reporting will be provided, with a designated contact for ongoing communication. For more details, please refer to the Terms of Reference (ToR)


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