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Event Management Services for NDC Tracking
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Deadline :25-Sep-23 @ 06:00 PM (New York time)
Published on :15-Sep-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-IRH-00072
Contact :Procurement IRH -

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Introduction : Scope of the Tender

UNDP Climate Hub intends to host a regional event on NDC Tracking for mitigation, adaptation and means of implementation from 17th to 20th October 2023 in Istanbul Turkiye.


The general objective of the event is to promote the best implementation of the decisions linked to the Paris Agreement Rulebook, in particular those adopted on NDC tracking and all critical aspects related to mitigation, adaptation and means of implementations relevant to Lusophone and Francophone countries. To facilitate exchange and learning, the workshop was structured along Two axis:


-          The cross-regional axis: experts from the Lusophone Cluster and the Francophone Network are brought together in the same room to share experiences at the biggening and at the end of the workshop and Portuguese-French Interpretation/translation will be available to all participants.


-          Network centric Axis: Francophone & Lusophone groups will be separated in two different rooms and will be discussing within its own group, using each respective the official working language. No translation/interpretation will be provided to members to cover and follow the technical content of the workshop sessions under this axis. Each country will have the opportunity to send two participants in the cross-regional workshop. Its expected that a balance from expertise background (mitigation and adaptation tracking) and gender will be followed in the appointment of each country´s focal point.


Due to the amount of time need to cover all the content on NDC tracking, considering mitigation, adaptation and means of implementation, it is expected that activities will be implemented in 3,5 days.


17th October,  start 8.30 am – 5pm,          85 participants

18th October,  start 9 am – 5pm,                85 participants

19th October,  start 9 am – 5pm,                85 participants

20th October,  start 9 am – 2pm,                85 participants


The residential venue should be of at least a 4-star standard, in Istanbul, easily accessible by public transport and allowing for the drop-off and parking area. The proposal should include at least 3 quotes/proposals from 3 different hotels. The residential venue must have the following characteristics:


a)       Two Conference rooms: one should have capacity to host 85 people and the other is for 30 people. Please see the table below for the distribution of sessions.


a.       Room (1) facilities large enough to accommodate approximately 85 participants for the security briefing and joint sessions from 17th to 20th October, 2023. The large conference room have to accommodate translation boots for 2 languages.

The larger group of 85 participants will divide into 55 and 30 people for network specific sessions.

b.       Room (2) facilities to accommodate approximately 30 participants for half and full-day sessions from 17th to 20th October, 2023.




Large Room (for 85 people)

Small Room (for 30 people)

17 October 2023


Half-Day (afternoon only)

18 October 2023



19 October 2023


Half-Day (afternoon only)

20 October 2023





b)      Easy access to the venue’s in-house facilities or an adjacent room for lunch and suitable area for coffee breaks in the immediate vicinity of the conference facility, with access limited to conference participants, UN staff and the required hotel staff. Preferably the two conference rooms (larger and smaller ones) should be close to each other and share the same coffee-break area.


c)       Lunch Buffet for 4 days. It should include soft drinks and the choice of food should cater for all needs (meat, fish, vegetarian) with both European and Turkish cuisines.


d)      Provision of coffee, tea, water with suitable snacks (cookies, fruit baskets) outside of the conference room/facility throughout the day, twice a day. Provision of coffee, tea, water in the mornings (at 8.30am-9.00 am) throughout 4 days.


e)      Accommodation for 85 participants (single rooms) from 16th to 20th October, 2023 (5 days), showing flexibility for a limited number of participants arriving on the 15th October and leaving on 21st and 22nd October. Option of early check-in on the 16th October would be appreciated. UNDP will communicate in advance the exact number and dates. 




1.       Technical requirements


Room Summary


1 conference room

for approximately 85 people


For 3,5 days in total

1 conference room

for approximately 30 people

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