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Event Management Services for Europe and Central Asia Regional Forum
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Deadline :27-Sep-23 @ 05:00 PM (New York time)
Published on :21-Sep-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-IRH-00073
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Introduction : Scope of the Tender

Istanbul Regional Hub intends to host an ECIS Regional Forum on Sustainable Human Mobility, in a hybrid format (in person and online) during 11-12 October 2023, in Istanbul, Turkiye.


The event will provide a space for UNDP Country Office staff and external experts to gather and take stock of the human mobility trends, challenges, and opportunities, develop approaches to mainstreaming human mobility into UNDP programming work, and develop new or reinforce existing opportunities for engagement to tackle the root causes and drivers of human mobility in the region.


The event will include plenary sessions, group exercises, and workshops, with the objective of identifying a clear vision for UNDP engagement for Sustainable Human Mobility in the region. The secondary objective of the Forum will be to enable Country Offices to shape the finalization of the new Offer/Regional Framework on Sustainable Human Mobility in the ECA region.


The total number of participants will be approximately 40-45 (in person) including the organizers, trainers, and support staff.


The residential venue should be of at least a 4-star standard, in Istanbul, easily accessible by public transport and allowing for drop-off and parking options. The residential venue must have the following characteristics:


a)       One Room (1) facility large enough to accommodate approximately 40-45 participants for the security briefing and general sessions.

b)      One Room (1) close or adjacent to the first room for approximately 20 participants to hold side meetings.

c)       Easy access to the venue’s in-house facilities or an adjacent room for lunch and a suitable area for coffee breaks in the immediate vicinity of the conference facility, with access limited to conference participants, UN staff, and the required hotel staff.

d)      Lunch Buffet. It should include soft drinks and the choice of food should cater for all needs (meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten-free), with both European and Turkish cuisines.

e)       Provision of coffee, tea, and water (in glass bottles) with suitable snacks (pastry, fruit baskets) outside of the conference room/facility throughout the day, at a minimum 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

f)       UNDP Logo Folders and stationery to be presented to all participants (pens, notebooks.). A separate UNDP event branded design to be used will be shared.

g)      Participants will receive a name tag with their name printed (based on UNDP event branded design) on recycled paper and environmentally friendly ropes surrounding the name tag which participants can put on their necks.

h)      Dinner by Bosphorus for 40-45 people on Wednesday, October 11, starting at 7 p.m., including transportation from the selected venue and back.

i)        10 flipcharts

j)        Any surplus of food will be requested to be sent to dog shelters and/or persons in need.


1.       Technical requirements


Room Summary


1 large conference room with windows preferably and large wall space where posters could be hung on the walls

Suitable for approximately 40-45 people and online streaming of and engagement during an event


The room should also allow group discussions for 4 different groups.


8 whiteboards (with paper) should be available for group discussions.


Required from 11 October 7.00 am until 12th October 7.00 pm.


1 small conference room preferably with windows


For approximately 12 people


2 whiteboards (with paper) should be available for group discussions.


Required on Thursday, October 12, from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm.


a)      Main Conference room (Required from 11 October 7.00 am until 12th October 7.00 pm) 


One (1) large conference room for the event is required from 7.00 a.m. on 11 October until 12 October at 7.00 p.m. in Istanbul, Türkiye, for 40-45 participants (this is the total number of participants in person, including facilitators and support staff);



-          Conference Audio Equipment with a table or wireless microphones at each desk (approximately 6 round tables with approximately 6-8 people per desk) + 2 wireless microphones for trainers/facilitators.

-          2 Projectors and 2 screens for presentations.

-          Technical requirements: Sound System, Handheld Microphone/lavolier microphone, projection, switcher, a laptop to be used for presentations, reji system, technician, sound system, HDMI connection to connect to other computers if needed.

-          Conference Video Equipment that allows all participants to see the visuals (additional TV and screen to be included if needed).

-          Facilities ensuring connections to the virtual/online event via Zoom account.

-          A full-time English-speaking technician on-site to handle the audio and online streaming equipment and ensure smooth uninterrupted online connections (Zoom/Microsoft Teams).

-          Cameras, microphones, and internet connection to enable streaming of all plenary and Q&A sessions online, as well as potential remote interventions from external participants. Internet connection for online streaming shall be through fixed-line internet connections to ensure uninterrupted streaming.


Room set-up:

-          Room must be available for set up and sound check required from 7.00 a.m., Wednesday, 11th October to Thursday 12th October at 7.00 p.m. 

-          6 round tables/6-8 chairs each approximately, arranged at the free layout. The layout should be flexible to changes during different event days.

-          There should be ample space between each table.

-          Projection/Screens

-          2 rectangular sitting tables with chairs for the trainers and facilitation team – one in the front and one at the back of the room.

-          Power supply with at least 24 power outlets (for charging Laptops etc.).

-          Separate tables for the facilitation team and registration at the entrance.

-          Strong and stable Internet connection with Wi-Fi password available to all participants including separate cabled Internet connection for the technical unit during presentations and Zoom facilitation.

-          At least 8 flipchart.




-          Drinking water and glasses for participants (average 1 liter per person per day) in the conference room and secretariat for a total of 40-45 people.


b)      Second room

Separate smaller meeting room (preferably with windows to fit approximately 12 persons.

Required on Thursday, October 12, from 7.00 am to 07.00 pm.


Room set-up

-        Conference Table

-        12 Office chairs

-        Projector, screen, laptop.

-        There should be ample space between the chairs.

-        At least 2 flipcharts.


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