National Consultant- Policy Advocacy Advisor

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Country:   Bangladesh 

The objective of the Assignment:   

The main objective of the assignment is to provide advisory support to the project in the policy advocacy arena. The specific objectives are:


  1. Support the implementation of the Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) and promote the revision of the upazila revenue and ADP utilization guidelines considering the CVI.
  2. Develop a risk insurance facility model for LoGIC’s climate-vulnerable communities.
  3. Develop a Public-Private Sector Working Model for Plastic Waste Management to effectively tackle the challenges associated with plastic waste and create a more sustainable future.
  4. Organize and conduct Stakeholder dialogue and reporting the outcome of the dialogue on the comprehensive insights, foster collaboration, tailored solutions, early identification of challenges, regulatory alignment, and build a sense of ownership for the plastic waste management project

Period of assignment/services: 30 working days spread over 03 months from mid-October 2023-Mid-January 2024

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