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Deadline :30-Sep-24 @ 06:36 PM (New York time)
Published on :21-Sep-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-MOZ-00227
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Introduction :

The province of Cabo Delgado was devastated by the terrorist attacks, which began in October 2017. The prospects for economic and social development have been conditioned, while there has been a destruction of economic and social infrastructures and loss of productive capacity in the affected areas.
This situation caused the forced displacement of at least 244,078 families, equivalent to 1,056,446 people, putting the province in an emergency in terms of humanitarian assistance, destruction of economic and social infrastructure, public and private. Terrorism has also made investments more difficult and aggravated the risks and uncertainties about Cabo Delgado’s future.
However, in August 2021, they initiated joint operations between the Mozambican Defense and Security Forces (SDF), the Rwandan Forces and the SADC, which enabled the liberation of all places where the action of terrorists predominated, the districts of Mocímboa da Praia, Quissanga, Palma and Muidumbe.
The Government, based on the diagnosis of needs and challenges in the affected districts, has prepared the Reconstruction Plan of Cabo Delgado (PRCD) 2021-2024, with a set of actions that will allow the province to resume normality, in accordance with the three pillars of economic and social dimensions namely: i) Humanitarian Assistance, ii) Infrastructure Recovery and iii) Economic and Financial Activity.
In this sense, with the need to give greater dynamism and achieve immediate impacts ("Quick wins"), the UNDP is from 2021 committed to supporting the Provincial Government of Cabo Delgado with the objective of immediate stabilization of the affected districts, In a context of destruction and displacement, immediate stabilization creates the basis for long-term interventions, however, having greater emphasis on the 6 districts most affected by terrorist attacks, namely: Macomia, Quissanga, Palma, Mocimboa da Praia, Muidumbe and Nangade.
In this context, the implementation of the stabilization program by UNDP intervenes is in the 3 pillars named above.
However, the Pillar 3 called Livelihood, works directly with the community ensuring the necessary means of subsistence and has the Cash for work program that allows the population to immediately raise funds by doing small jobs that will contribute to the development of their communities.
 In this context, since the payments of these beneficiaries is made through M-pesa, arises the need to purchase mobile phones so that they receive their values faster and Safe.

Acquisition of mobile phones (for the payroll of CfW beneficiaries via M-Pesa) to UNDP office in Pemba, Northern Mozambique.
Based on the results of the competitive bidding exercise, UNDP intends to enter into non-exclusive Long-Term Agreement(s) (LTAs) with the successful bidder(s) for the supply of an indefinite quantity of the specified products in support of UNDP’s operations. The LTA is for 3 years subject funds availability and performance of the supplier, and the total approximate quantity for the 3 years is 8000 pieces. It should be noted that the requirement will be in smaller quantities through-out the 3 year period according to the needs by the users and UNDP is not obliged to purchase the approximate quantity.

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