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Establishment of One UN LTA (Long term Agreement) related to Provision of Cleani
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Deadline :27-Oct-23 @ 09:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :22-Sep-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-ZAF-00061,1
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Introduction :


In 2007 the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on all UN agencies to “go green” and become climate neutral. UN organisations have since put in place systems to measure and reduce their environmental impact, including in the area of sustainable cleaning services.


In this regard, the service provider will be requested to implement the following:


·       Cleaning products: Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

·       Sustainable cleaning practices and equipment: Use minimal amount of cleaning chemicals, water and electricity and reduce the impact of cleaning on indoor air quality.

·       Waste disposal: Cleaning product containers should be disposed of, reused or recycled appropriately according to their instructions and the hazardous waste laws of South Africa.

·       Training: All cleaning staff must be regularly trained for their various tasks. This training should cover all environmental practices, occupational health and safety policies and the implementation of the work instructions.

·       Supervisor: A facility manager, foreman/forewoman or coordinator should be nominated to organize and supervise the cleaning. The appointed person should stay in contact with the contracting authority (UNDP) in order to discuss the work instructions and sovle any problems that may arise as a result of implementing any new cleaning methods. The facility manager, foreman/forewoman or coordinator must be sufficiently qualified in the fields of occupational health and safety standards and environmental issues. The supervisor should regularly inspect the techniques employed by cleaning staff to ensure the work instructions are complied with.

·       Capacity to provide a safe working environment for cleaning staff: The service provider must provide a safe working environment for cleaning staff. This must include appropriate storage, labeling, handling and disposal of chemicals; First aid and accident arrangements; Occupational health and safety training for staff; regular equipment maintenance; a process for reporting and fixing hazards and accidents.

·       Recycling: The service provider will be committed to supporting the basic recycling initiatives of the UN in South Africa, in collaboration with the Greening the Blue Team. Responsibilities will include separating paper form other waste, maintenance of recycling bins in office kitchen (cleaning the materials, such as milk cartons, disposed of in the bins, and keeping the bins themselves clean). The service provider will develop a system and roster for recycling other waste, such as cans, glass, plastic, batteries, and cartridges, in collaboration with the Greening the Blue Team. This recycling programme will begin as a pilot on the 6th floor of the building with plans for scale-up based on the initial six-month phase. If the service provider can also facilitate the regular removal of the materials for recycling this would be highly favourable.


Adhoc services

o   Carpet cleaning per sqm

o   Window cleaning

o   Basement parking deep cleaning


Maximum expected duration of contract


Long-Term Agreement (LTA) with an initial term of one (1) year, renewable for two terms of similar duration subject to satisfactory performance and continued requirement of the Services.


Pre-Bid conference and site visit


Date : October 4, 2023 11:00 AM




Kindly confirm your attendance on pre-bid meeting via


Scope of Services



Generic Description


Cleaning and support service (unless specified differently):


§  Clean each office daily

§  Vacuum each office twice a week

§  Clean, wipe, vacuum or dust office furniture, carpets, tiles, wood floors, garbage bins, walls, computers, phones etc.

§  Polish all desk tops, chairs and wooden furniture

§  Wash and wipe down vinyl covered furniture

§  Dust lights, pictures and lamps


§  Remove spot marks on carpets and walls

§  Wash, mop or wipe stairs, corridors and stone floors where applicable

§  Dust staircase handrails and fittings

§  Maintain landings, treads and risers according to finish

§  Clean fire escape routes

Amendment : Attach the Floor plans and add Pest control on the price list.
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