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International Consultant to develop a Gender Action Plan 24-28 for the Lao Bar
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :23-Oct-23 @ 06:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :29-Sep-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-LAO-00236
Contact :Kongthanou Khanthavixay, Procurement Anaylist -

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Introduction :

Country: Vientiane Captial, Lao PDR. 


Description of the Assignment:  The International Consultant will have a leading role in the assignment with the support of a National Consultant, and under the supervision of the UNDP Governance Team Leader.

The International Consultant will design, manage, and assure the quality of their tasks proactively and independently with close communication with the project coordinator and the Rule of Law and Access to Justice ream.

The International Consultant is expected to work closely with the relevant development partners in the sector, the LBA, MOJ, other justice actors, and other consultants from the Lawyer Project and the UNDP Team. This will ensure the strategic alignment of the Gender Action Plan with the other core documents produced with and for the LBA within this project.

The Gender Action Plan will be developed using an inclusive and consultative approach through meetings and workshops at the central and/or regional levels.  

The research questions could include, but are not limited to:

-       The current role and capacity of women lawyers.

-       Challenges that hinder women’s full potential and empowerment in the legal profession.

-       Identifying power dynamics, perceptions and stigma regarding women in the legal sector.

Expected methodology:

-       Desk-review research analyzing international and national experiences of integrating gender approaches (for the gender analysis and the gender action plan);

-       Qualitative Data collection with key informant interviews, group discussions, surveys, and bilateral interviews with LBA, female lawyers, experts and practitioners to develop hypotheses for primary data collection of gender considerations; (Gender analysis and gender action plan).

-       Analysis of gender considerations and analysis of the findings.

-       First draft of the Gender Action Plan containing a multi-annual work plan (Gender Action Plan), risk analysis and monitoring plan.

-       Consultation of the relevant stakeholders, particularly the LBA, with regard to the first draft of the Gender Action Plan.

-       Review of the first draft of the Gender Action Plan including the inputs of the previous consultations.

-       Final draft of the Gender Action Plan, approved by UNDP and the LBA for their adoption and implementation.

-       Give expertise to the LBA and how to implement the Gender Action Plan and mainstream gender in the lawyer profession once it is approved. 

The tasks of the International Consultant will include:

Task 1: Conduct a Gender Analysis to inform the Gender Action Plan

·         Conduct a desk review of the relevant literature.

·         Design and utilize questionnaires and surveys through key informant interviews, Focus Group Discussions (FDG), consultations, and any other data collection method.

·         Produce a report with the findings of the gender analysis

Task 2: Produce a Gender Action Plan for the LBA’s adoption and implementation

·         Conduct a series of consultations especially with the LBA to determine key priorities and aspects of the Gender Action Plan for the LBA

·         Develop a strategic and practical Gender Action Plan that is aligned with the new vision and strategy of the LBA.

·         Ensure the Gender Action Plan include i) brief summary of the key findings of the gender analysis ii) recommendations for capacity building initiatives to empower women lawyers ii) recommendations for capacity-building initiatives for the LBA iii) Key priorities for the LBA including an implementation plan and timeline. 

Task 3: Validate and finalize the Gender Action Plan aiming for the LBA approval

·         Develop the presentation and PowerPoint for presenting a draft of the Gender Action Plan to LBA, its members, and other key partners.

·         Validate the draft of the plan and finalize it as required by LBA, its members, and other key partners through a consultation process.

Task 4: Support implementation and facilitation of capacity building activities for female lawyers and LBA

·         Provide technical support to the LBA, at the early stage lead at least two facilitations and organizations of capacity building activities for female lawyers and the LBA in line with the implementation plan of the gender Action Plan. 

Period of assignment/services:  40 working days over 7 months.

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