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Business Process Review and Strategic Business Plan
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :06-Dec-23 @ 03:00 PM (New York time)
Published on :20-Oct-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-JAM-00082
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Introduction :

Title: Business Process Review and Strategic Business Plan for Re-Engineering Jamaica’s Justice Training Institute

Type of Consultancy: Consultancy firm

Project Name: The Social Justice Project (SO-JUST)

Duty Station: Jamaica

Duration of Assignment: 50 days over a 6-month period

Scope of tender:

The consulting firm will be required to undertake a Business Process Review of the JTI and develop a Strategic Business Plan for Re-engineering the JTI. The primary objectives of this consultancy are as follows: 

1. To conduct a Business Process Review of the JTI and compile an outcome report that:
i. Provides an insightful and accurate analysis of the JTI, including its strengths, challenges and limitations, current mandate, structure, human resource capacity, course offerings, business processes and overall scope of operations.
ii. Analyses the scope and current functions of the JTI against the training priorities of the MOJ and the Courts and identifies recommended strategies for the development of the JTI to meet those priorities.
2. To develop a Strategic Business Plan for Re-engineering the JTI, with accompanying costed Action Plan, Proposed Organisational Structure, Human Resource Requirements, Job Profiles and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, that: 
i. Provides a clear pathway for re-engineering justice training processes, including strategies that target business sustainability of the JTI, improvements to organisational culture, performance, and operational effectiveness of the JTI.
ii. Outlines learning modalities and strategies for the JTI to respond effectively and sustainably to the training priorities of key stakeholders including the MOJ and the Courts. 
iii. Identifies modalities for the JTI to support the evolution of justice services and programmes that effectively respond to social context issues and provide more targeted services to vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities and those in rural or underserved communities.
iv. Outlines strategies for enhancing the financial sustainability of justice training programmes.
v. Outlines sustainable costed options for modernizing justice training, including integrating virtual, self-directed and hybrid learning options, partnering with international and national training and certification entities, and providing a more varied, marketable, and accessible suite of training programmes.
vi. Outlines strategies for enhancing the profile of the JTI, including strategies designed to:
Enhance the JTI’s credentials and image as the preferred training provider for justice sector skills and career-advancing certifications.
Outline a pathway to enable the accreditation of JTI’s courses and programmes, with relevant local and/or international accrediting bodies including institutional accreditation in the long-term.
Identify high-level and mid-level business process changes within the JTI to improve and enhance efficiency.
vii. Outlines a proposed revised organisational structure for the JTI, reflective of a new vision, goals and organisational objectives, complete with explanatory information and justification of recommendations.
viii. Outlines human resource requirements and job profiles for supporting the new organisational structure and enabling the JTI to achieve its mandate. 
ix. Outlines Information & Communications Technology (ICT) implications and requirements for all recommended changes.
x. Outlines a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and accompanying tools to promote a culture of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning within the JTI, including tools and templates for continuous analysis and improvement of course offerings and business processes.
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