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Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Deadline :15-Feb-24 @ 04:26 AM (New York time)
Published on :28-Nov-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-KWT-00009
Contact :Abdulrahman Alramadhan -

This specific tender is managed via the new supplier portal system of UNDP Quantum. If you are interested in submitting a bid for this tender, you must subscribe following the instructions in the user guide. If you have not registered a profile with this system, you can do so by following the link for Supplier Registration.

If you already have a supplier profile, please login to the Supplier Portal, then search for the negotiation using the reference number UNDP-KWT-00009, following the instructions in the user guide.

Introduction :


1.      Introduction

1.1        Bidders shall adhere to all the requirements of this ITB, including any amendments made in writing by UNDP. This ITB is conducted in accordance with the UNDP Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures (POPP) on Contracts and Procurement which can be accessed at

1.2        Any Bid submitted will be regarded as an offer by the Bidder and does not constitute or imply the acceptance of the Bid by UNDP. UNDP is under no obligation to award a contract to any Bidder as a result of this ITB. 

1.3        UNDP reserves the right to cancel the procurement process at any stage without any liability of any kind for UNDP, upon notice to the bidders or publication of cancellation notice on UNDP website.

1.4         As part of the bid, it is desired that the Bidder registers at the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) website ( The Bidder may still submit a bid even if not registered with the UNGM. However, if the Bidder is selected for contract award, the Bidder must register on the UNGM prior to contract signature.

2.      Fraud & Corruption, 
Gifts and Hospitality


2.1        UNDP strictly enforces a policy of zero tolerance on proscribed practices, including fraud, corruption, collusion, unethical or unprofessional practices, and obstruction of UNDP vendors and requires all bidders/vendors observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement process and contract implementation. UNDP’s Anti-Fraud Policy can be found at

2.2        Bidders/vendors shall not offer gifts or hospitality of any kind to UNDP staff members including recreational trips to sporting or cultural events, theme parks or offers of holidays, transportation, or invitations to extravagant lunches or dinners. 

2.3        In pursuance of this policy, UNDP: 

(a) Shall reject a bid if it determines that the selected bidder has engaged in any corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question;
(b) Shall declare a vendor ineligible, either indefinitely or for a stated period, to be awarded a contract if at any time it determines that the vendor has engaged in any corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for, or in executing a UNDP contract.

2.4        All Bidders must adhere to the UN Supplier Code of Conduct, which may be found at

3.      Eligibility

3.1        A vendor should not be suspended, debarred, or otherwise identified as ineligible by any UN Organization or the World Bank Group or any other international Organization. Vendors are therefore required to disclose to UNDP whether they are subject to any sanction or temporary suspension imposed by these organizations. 

3.2        It is the Bidder’s responsibility to ensure that its employees, joint venture members, sub-contractors, service providers, suppliers and/or their employees meet the eligibility requirements as established by UNDP. 

4.      Conflict of Interests

4.1        Bidders must strictly avoid conflicts with other assignments or their own interests, and act without consideration for future work. Bidders found to have a conflict of interest shall be disqualified. Without limitation on the generality of the above, Bidders, and any of their affiliates, shall be considered to have a conflict of interest with one or more parties in this solicitation process, if they: 

a)      Are or have been associated in the past, with a firm or any of its affiliates which have been engaged by UNDP to provide services for the preparation of the design, specifications, Terms of Reference, cost analysis/estimation, and other documents to be used for the procurement of the goods and services in this selection process; 

b)      Were involved in the preparation and/or design of the programme/project related to the goods and/or services requested under this ITB; or

c)      Are found to be in conflict for any other reason, as may be established by, or at the discretion of UNDP. 

4.2        In the event of any uncertainty in the interpretation of a potential conflict of interest, Bidders must disclose to UNDP, and seek UNDP’s confirmation on whether or not such conflict exists. 

4.3        Similarly, the Bidders must disclose in their Bid their knowledge of the following:

a)      If the owners, part-owners, officers, directors, controlling shareholders, of the bidding entity or key personnel who are family members of UNDP staff involved in the procurement functions and/or the Government of the country or any Implementing Partner receiving goods and/or services under this ITB; and

b)      All other circumstances that could potentially lead to actual or perceived conflict of interest, collusion or unfair competition practices. 

Failure to disclose such an information may result in the rejection of the Bid or Bids affected by the non-disclosure.

4.4        The eligibility of Bidders that are wholly or partly owned by the Government shall be subject to UNDP’s further evaluation and review of various factors such as being registered, operated and managed as an independent business entity, the extent of Government ownership/share, receipt of subsidies, mandate and access to information in relation to this ITB, among others. Conditions that may lead to undue advantage against other Bidders may result in the eventual rejection of the Bid. 


5.      General Considerations

5.1        In preparing the Bid, the Bidder is expected to examine the ITB in detail. Material deficiencies in providing the information requested in the ITB may result in rejection of the Bid.

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