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Deadline :10-May-22 @ 02:00 PM (New York time)
Published on :26-Apr-22 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-IRQ-00016
Contact :Hoshang Abdalrahman -

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Introduction :

Rehabilitation and Furniture for the Veterinary Health Center in Hatra District-Ninewa Governorate


a.       Project description: The objective of the rehabilitation of this Veterinary Health center is to raise the health levels of the animals in in Southwest of Mosul. The building is owned and operated by Dept. Of Directorate of Agriculture Ninewa Governorate.

b.       Direct and indirect beneficiaries: Hatra district along its villages and surrounding areas.

a.       Direct beneficiaries:        20 employees  

b.       Indirect beneficiaries:  250 families of around 2,000 citizens (1,200 male and 800 female).

c.       Impact after completion: The impact after completion is to raise the health levels for the domestic animals in Hatrah Dist. and villages around Hatra, approximately 75,000 sheep, 500 Oxon, and 500 cattle.


2.       LOCATION

The project is in Hatra, southwest of Mosul Coordinates GPS 35.57330, 42.72695



The building consists in one story of about 1200 m², divided in two building one for the health center and other for doctor house and these buildings consist of twelve rooms. There is also, one manger room, two bathroom and four management offices.




The Veterinary Center has been affected by gunfire and several explosions. Internally approx. 50% of the doors have been damaged, sanitation units and pipes are blocked by solid wastes, the gypsum plaster for the second floor damage because the roof of building without roofing system, so would also expect the water supply network and sewerage net also to be damaged, Most of the limestone for the building was damage , the walk ways around building was settlement ,   Electrical items have been looted or damaged so all will need replacing from boards, cables, fans to lighting.



The rehabilitation work includes civil, sanitary, and electrical works.

·         The civil part of the works includes but not limited to site preparation, masonry works, gypsum plastering, painting, handrail, tiling sanitary walls, steel doors, clear glass, expansion joints and suspended ceiling as indicated on the BoQ.

·         The sanitary works includes but not limited to water tank installation, wash basin, mixer taps, taps, refurbishment of sewerage pipes and water pump as indicated on the BoQ.

·         The electrical works includes but not limited to main distribution board, sub

distribution boards, circuit and power cable, ceiling fan, fluorescent fixture, switches, brackets, outdoor lighting, and electrical water boiler as indicated on the BoQ.



60 Calendar days

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