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International ICT Development Expert
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :08-Apr-24 @ 12:59 PM (New York time)
Published on :01-Apr-24 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-LAO-00294
Contact :Kongthanou Khanthavixay, Procurement Analyst -

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Introduction :

Country: Lao PDR.  


Description of the Assignment:  


The Strengthening Capacity and Effectiveness of the People’s Assemblies System in Laos (STEPS) Project is a five-year initiative (2022-2026) implemented by UNDP, together with the National and Provincial People’s Assemblies, with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The overall goal of STEPS is to strengthen capacity of the legislature in Laos to effectively represent, engage and respond to citizen’s needs. The project will support the national and provincial assemblies (members, technical committees and staff) in enhancing their mandates and ability to revise and approve the legislation, monitor implementation of the country socio-economic development plan and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), better analyse societal concerns and communicate with citizens, and enhance the overall accountability and transparency system.

Scope of Works

The International ICT Development Expert will be supported by two national consultants, and as team leader of the assignment will be responsible for:

         Providing overall leadership on all project deliverables based on inputs and insights from the national consultants

         Ensuring completion of all the deliverables outlined below

         Presenting the findings and recommendations of the draft and final documents for each deliverable based on the timeline given below

S/he will be responsible for the following scope of work:

Task 1: Conduct an ICT Assessment and a roadmap for the NA (field mission)

In conducting an ICT Assessment at the NA, the consultant will:

         Design and conduct, with the support of the national consultant, an (electronic and/or paper-based) ICT survey of the NA.

         Develop an ICT Assessment schedule and sample visit agenda

         Supported by the national consultants, conduct interviews with senior staff of the NA (DGs, DDG, heads of departments/units responsible for legislative information management, public communications, research, library and archives, committee secretariats, Institute of Legislative Studies (ILS), media department, administration including Human Resources departments) regarding: 1. current state of ICT; 2. ICT vision; 3. gap analysis, and 4. short-medium-long term ICT development priorities, 5. Capacity development requirements for MPs and staff (in consultation with ILS)

         With inputs form the national consultant, present the preliminary assessment results to senior staff of the NA.

         The consultant will produce a database of interview notes and provide update briefings as necessary to UNDP on progress.  Any gaps in data sources will be identified and supplementary data gathering undertaken as required and as agreed with UNDP

With inputs from the national consultants, develop the ICT assessment report including: a first section on the background, rationale and approach to the ICT assessment; a section detailing the findings of the ICT Assessment itself (the state of ICT at the NA, True Cost of Ownership, assessment of the various parliamentary information services for the plenary, legislative documentation, public information, parliamentary library and research, committees, Institute of Legislative Studies (ILS), media department, administration including Human Resources), and; recommendations for the way forward.


The findings will form an ICT development plan and roadmap for the NA, assessing:

·         An assessment of the current state of ICT at the NA , based on an analysis of the current state including external and internal factors, and inputs from the field visit.

·         A description of the future state of use of ICT at the NA, in line with STEPS objectives and outputs.

·         ICT development roadmap with phased milestones and key implementation principles


The development plan and roadmap will be presented to the NA either online or during the second field mission.


Task 2: Prepare and facilitate two ICT innovation conferences (field missions)

Design, prepare and help facilitate two, two to three day innovation conferences attended by NA and PPA SG/SGs/DDGs/Department Director and ICT Focal Points. The first innovation conferecnes will be held at the NA in Q2 2024, and the second approximately six months later, potentially at a PPA, in Q4 2024. The innovation conferences will support assemblies at all levels to make effective use of the ICT equipment provided through steps, and help to highlight innovative uses of ICT by assemblies that can be shared between each other, and ultimately with the broader community of practice in ICT in parliament. The conferences will cover:

·         Use of ICT in parliament/assemblies at the international level

·         Production and use of digital media

·         Website development

·         Other innovations used at NA/PPA level

·         Vision of the NA/PPA for ICT uses

·         Challenges in using ICT effectively


The ICT innovation conferences are expected to be an ongoing and regular element of STEPS support to ICT development in Lao PDR Assemblies.


Task 3: Deliver a programme of capacity development and mentoring to ICT Focal Points at the NA and PPA; and to STEPS National ICT Consultants (field missions and home-based)


This mission will prioritise establishing the mechanisms for ongoing support to the NA and PPAs through defining the roles and functions and building the capacities of ICT focal points across the NA and PPAs; and outlining the duties and developing the knowledge and skills of national ICT consultants. Specific tasks include:

·         With ICT focal points:

o    Outlining their role within the NA/PPA to support MPs and departments of their institution

o    Jointly preparing a ToR for the focal points

o    Hosting online the first meeting between focal points

o    Outlining personal goals and milestones to support ICT development in their institution

o    Collating inputs from focal points, together with national ICT Consultants, and providing two reports on progress achieved by the focal points within their institution in line with the roadmap

·         With National ICT Consultants:

o    Outlining duties and reporting requirements for pre-missions to the PPAs to assess readiness for the arrival of ICT equipment, including:

Ø  Assessing what equipment is already there 

Ø  Checking where the equipment will be placed

Ø  Confirming what will be delivered

Ø  Identifying and meeting the ICT focal point

Ø  Assessing issues, needs, gaps in being able to use the equipment, eg connectivity

Ø  Overseeing the process for installation to take place

Ø  Understanding how training will take place after delivery

o    Providing guidance on ‘help desk’ support as the PPAs receive and begin to use ICT equipment

o    Developing national consultants skills to provide knowledge and skills training for MPs and staff in ICT  

Period of assignment/services: 50 working days. 


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