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National lead expert on Water programme
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :23-Apr-24 @ 06:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :02-Apr-24 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-KAZ-00310
Contact :Procurement Unit -

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Introduction :

Country: Kazakhstan

Description of the Assignment: National lead expert on Water programme


Period of assignment: Approximately April 2024 - September 2024 (120 working days)

Place of Work: Home-based, Kazakhstan

Contract type: Individual Contract 


UNDP helps Kazakhstan honor its Paris Agreement commitments by supporting the expansion of the "green economy" to tap into new opportunities for jobs and businesses. It partners with other United Nations agencies to provide technical expertise to translate strategies into action, establish a monitoring framework for climate change adaptation and mitigation, and develop plans for transition to green energy, water and land management, climate-proof agriculture, biodiversity, reforestation, disaster risk reduction, and waste management. By catalyzing SDG and Paris aligned investments (public and private), UNDP delivers client-focused solutions that respond to immediate, mid and long-term recovery and socio- economic development priorities, and; by leveraging on-the-ground presence and networks, we unlock bottom-up solutions towards lasting impacts at the country level, benefitting most disadvantaged and leaving no one behind.


The national lead expert on water management, under the overall guidance of the Head of the Energy and Environment Unit, and in close coordination and cooperation with international advisor, national specialist on water and expert on digitalization will have the following responsibilities.

Lead the writing of the UNDP Water Programme, which entails enhancing water resource management through integrated strategies, technological advancements, and collaborative partnerships for sustainable development. Provide policy advice and support the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, and UNDP CO Senior Management on water sector reform implementation and digitalization of the country’s water management system.

Leveraging her/his networks, support the UNDP in introducing, establishing, and maintaining partnerships with high-quality and influential actors.

Provide guidance, inputs and analysis into the EEU’s planning, activities, resource mobilization activities and products, with a focus on:

  • Coordination Lead Role: Spearhead the development of a comprehensive Water Programme by integrating inputs from international advisors, national water experts, and digitalization specialists. This entails harmonizing insights on Integrated Water Resources Management, transboundary waters, groundwater management, financial aspects, and sector digitalization, while tracking global trends and innovations across diverse technologies and regulatory landscapes.
  • Donor Coordination and Program Promotion: Lead on investors mapping and consequent Water Programme promotion event. Facilitate effective coordination with donors, ensuring seamless collaboration and actively promote the Water Programme through targeted advocacy efforts to garner support and visibility.
  • Strategic direction: Provide guidance to ensure a strong and relevant UNDP value proposition for building new opportunities in water sector, with a coherent and flexible strategy across the EEU portfolio;
  • Advisory Support Liaison: Draft needs and opportunity assessment report based on engagement with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, providing essential advice and guidance to support ongoing initiatives. This work relies on liaising closely with ministry officials, offering expertise and strategic direction aligned with water management objectives, ensuring seamless integration of recommendations into operational frameworks.

Scope of work:

The national lead expert will be providing strategic guidance and technical expertise that will include the following:

  • Lead the process of the development of a roadmap for digitalization of the water sector in Kazakhstan.
  • Lead the conceptualization of the strategy for the digitalization of the water management systems.
  • Lead the drafting of the UNDP Water Programme.
  • Coordinate the consultation sessions with the national partners and donors.
  • Contribute to the strategic planning and organization of the One Water Summit by providing expert recommendations on best practices in water resource management.
  • Coordinate engagements with the national partners and donors on promotion of the water management programme.


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