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RFQ-011-23 Rehabilitation and Expansion of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Falluja
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Deadline :31-Jan-23 @ 06:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :17-Jan-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-IRQ-00181
Contact :Ahmad Sleiman -

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Introduction :

Scope of Work (S.O.W.)

Rehabilitation and Expansion of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Fallujah Teaching Hospital

Fallujah city – Anbar Governorate


Name of project: Rehabilitation and Expansion of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Fallujah Teaching Hospital

Targeting: The project’s aim is to Rehabilitate and Expand the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Fallujah Teaching Hospital. The project will serve about 1200 employees and 650,000 persons who represents the beneficiaries from the hospital.


This project belongs to Anbar Health DG. It is one of the important project in its area as it will help improving the services provided by Health directorate to the district and citizens.

Implementation Period: 5 Months

GPS: 33.354244 N, 43.792895 E

The project includes the following:

A: Site Preparation Works

Site preparation works include; demolishing and removing all concrete structure, walls, blocks and foundations, excavation a layer of existing soil, leveling the ground of the project, clearing and cleaning the site and removing all debris to an approved dump site, compacting the natural ground, excavation works, spreading stone layer, filling works with sub-base layers to the required level and compacting the layers.

B: Civil Works

Civil works include; laying a thick nylon layer, casting plain concrete for under foundations, casting reinforced concrete for foundations for the basin tanks, installing steel ladder to work as a walkway over the containers of 90 cm wide using Steel hollow square section, supplying and installing metal sunshade roof above the plant of 5m heigh, with all required works according to the required specification.

B: Mechanical Works

Mechanical works include; supplying and installing wastewater treatment plant basin of (L:12 x W:3 x H:2.5) m and (L:8 x W:3 x H:2.5) m dimensions made of carbon steel plates Supplying and Installing exhaust fans with all required accessories and mechanical fittings, supply and install mechanical equipment’s ( Ph Meters, Dosing Pumps, Mixer ) and all required accessories to ensure full functioning of the plant. supplying and installing submersible pump, Feed Pumps and Discharge Pumps  for the use of sewage water. Supplying and installing ductile, galvanized and UPVC pipes to connect all parts of WWTP (tanks, submersible, blower, filter, pump, drain, overflow)

C: Electrical Works

Electrical works include; maintain the existing Specialist Electrical Control Panel (MCC) for WWTP. The work also includes programming WWTP units and do the required update for the existing BMS system. Supplying and installing low voltage power cables (0.6/1kV) with different sizes to be used for electrical connection of the WWTP units.

Schedule of Requirements and Technical Specifications

The Contractor shall visit the designated sites to be familiar with the condition of the work areas, the structures, it is the bidders’ responsibility to acknowledge the site conditions before submitting the bids.

In general, the Contractor should be familiar with all current conditions and circumstances which may affect the work progress.

The Contractor shall implement the Project based on a detailed work plan which shall be approved by the Project Engineer.  The contractor is expected to produce/perform works which conforms in quality/quantity and accuracy of detailed specification.  The Contractor is to institute a quality control system to ensure adequate monitoring of the works progress at all times.

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