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Re-Advertised COVID-19 Isolation Wards AL Husain Hospital ThiQar Gov Iraq Phase1
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Deadline :02-Feb-23 @ 06:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :19-Jan-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-IRQ-00178,1
Contact :Mazen -

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Introduction :

Name of project: COVID-19 Isolation Wards -AL Hussain Hospital_ Dhi Qar Phase 1

Targeting: The project aims to Upgrade the isolation rooms for those infected with the covid-19 virus by providing all the necessary things for safety requirements and protection from fires at AL Hussein Teaching Hospital in Dhi Qar City, the project will serve 20 infected

This project is presented by UNDP, which is located in Dhi Qar Governorate at AL Hussain Hospital, which will contribute greatly to supporting the health sector of the governorate and citizens.

GPS Coordinates: 31.05889779354289,               46.24591693609688

The project includes the following:

Civil Works

Cement board cover and for internal and external walls 

Supply materials ,tools and manpower to install cover for internal face of sandwich panel for 2.8 m height by using cement boards thickness 14 mm and galvanized steel frame and use wall corner edge protectors (Nickel) and skirting with floor ,with all requirements

Foundation of the firefighting Pumps and water 

Tanks Supply materials, tools and manpower to pouring Sulphate resistant reinforced concrete with compressive strength C25 Strip foundation(3m*7m)with thickness 20cm with all works requirements (sub base layer 25cm  and compaction ).

Fire resistance False ceiling

Supply materials, tools and manpower to replace suspended ceiling 60x60 cm fire resistance tiles 10mm thickness, with all works requirements

Fire resistance  windows  curtain                                                                       

Supplying and installing Fire resistance curtain curtains on the window with dimensions1.2*1.5 cm

Fire extinguishers

Supplying and erecting fire extinguishers, powder type of 8 kg in the corridors, as well as supplying and erecting fire balls in the electric and laboratory rooms, size 1300g  

B: Electrical Work

Fire alarm system

"supply, install, connect and test fire alarm system for the whole building to cover two zones work includes connecting of the control panel with all related accessories (emergency power-Batteries, current modulator) with the sensors using 2x1 mm2 wires inside 20 mm plastic conduits to be fixed properly and all other related works .

supply, fix, connect and test 40 smoke detectors + 6 glass manual buttons supply fix connect and test 4No, internal bells including wiring with single 2x1.5 mm2 wires inside 20mm plastic conduits with all required materials and works from best origins

CCC TV System

Supply, install, connect and test monitoring cameras system in the locations assigned by the resident engineer as per drawings and following specifications including 

10 No. Cameras 3.6M 4MP IP / DATA 

Supply (NVR) with 16 inlets to be installed in the control room

 HD 59 inches Plasma screen in the reception room     

Cable IP (DATA) 

HARD DISC 4TB for data storage 

Power cable to supply all cameras and HUBS 

Hub Switch to transfer the data from cameras to the whole system (X channels )  cables will be installed through plastic pipe   

  Nurse calling unit

Supply, install, connect and test nursing calling system in the control room the same place for monitoring, including main alarms and signaling lamps with buzzer box, 20 calling buttons in all patient’s rooms, and suitable wiring between rooms and control room to make the system operational

C: Mechanical Works Mechanical works include

Fire Fighting System

Supplying, executing and inspecting the Hose Reel fire extinguishing system with all its requirements of laying pipes and its pumps.

Schedule of Requirements and Technical Specifications

The Contractor shall visit the designated sites to be familiar with the condition of the work areas, 

In general, the Contractor should be familiar with all current conditions and circumstances which may affect the work progress.

The Contractor shall implement the Project based on a detailed Implementation workplan which shall be approved by the UNDP’s Project Engineer.  The contractor is expected to produce/perform works which conforms in quality/quantity and accuracy of detailed specifications.  The Contractor is to institute a quality control system to ensure adequate monitoring of the works progress at all times.

Implementation Period:         60 days

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