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Project Development Consultant (Individual)
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :21-Jun-24 @ 11:49 AM (New York time)
Published on :31-May-24 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-JAM-00115,1
Contact :Procurement Unit -

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Introduction :


Project Development Consultant (Individual)

Contract Type:

Individual Contractor

Project Name:

Engagement Facility

Reports to:

UNDP Programme Specialist, Policy

Duty Station:


Duration of Assignment:

55 days of effort over a five-month period

Description of the Assignment:  

Scope of Work

The Project Development Consultant will lead the identification of programmatic entry points to facilitate

the development of an Expression of Interest (concept note & budget) for a Climate Change & Youth focused 

project in Jamaica. To this end, the consultancy will comprise two phases:

Phase 1: Desk Research & Consultation (10 days of effort)

Consultant is expected to undertake the requisite desk research and stakeholder consultations to define the 

situational context related to Climate Change & Youth Action in Jamaica. The findings from this review will 

inform the project’s baseline and UNDP’s entry points for the proposed project. The consultant is required 


1. Review key background documents including but not limited to: 

 UNDP Jamaica’s Multi-Country Programme Document and other strategic documents related 

to UNDP’s Nature & Climate integrated programming offers. 

 Donor Guidelines, EOI templates, reports, presentations, and funding requirements.

 National and Community level secondary research; policy & legislative documents and other 

data related to the proposed project concept.

 Review relevant past and ongoing projects for possible co-financing; lessons learnt and 


2. Engage and consult with relevant stakeholders, including at minimum UNDP Jamaica’s 

Programmatic Team, Ministry of Education and Youth, the Climate Change Division, Partner UN 

Agencies and Beneficiary Groups.

Phase 2: Develop Expression of Interest Package (10 days of effort)
 Based on the donor guidelines and templates, prepare the Expression of Interest Package including the 
Narrative Concept Note, Budget, and any required annexes.
 The consultant will be expected to contribute to a hybrid project validation session, ensuring all 
stakeholder feedback is incorporated into the final deliverable package. 
 The consultant will also be expected to address any required edits received from the donor.

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