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Digital Public Good System Developer
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :24-Jun-24 @ 02:00 PM (New York time)
Published on :10-Jun-24 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-HQ-01052
Contact :Ahmad Sleiman -

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Introduction :

A.     Scope of Work 

The assignment's objective is to support the Digital for Planet team’s work on the Transparency system (NDC tracking system) development and enhancement of the DPG carbon registry as well as by providing advisory support for in-country installation.


The service provider is expected to assist with the following SoW:

1)      Prototype Testing and MVP Development of the Transparency DPG:

a.      Test developed wireframe of the transparency system with national users and experts, incorporating feedback iteratively.

b.      Work in close collaboration with the transparency expert to design (UX and UI) and develop a DPG NDC tracking/transparency system codebase.

c.       Ensure modularity, cloud-based accessibility, data extraction mechanisms, and adherence to cybersecurity standards including but not limited to following requirements:

                                                     i.     Cloud-Based Containerized Web-Application for Desktop and Mobile users

                                                   ii.     Modularized full-stack features

                                                  iii.     Mechanism for data extraction (non-PII) – JSON, XML, CSV

                                                  iv.     Built on modern easily maintainable Framework (for front-end for example Reach.js, Next.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, etc.)

                                                   v.     Flexible DevOps, including Hosting Page

                                                  vi.     Analytics functionalities

                                                 vii.     In line with UNDP Accessibility Requirements

                                               viii.     In line with UNDP Cybersecurity Requirements

                                                  ix.     In line with DPG Alliance Standards for accreditation

2)      Quality Assurance and User Testing:

a.      Conduct internal tests and needs assessments to ensure quality and user satisfaction in close collaboration with the Community of Practice

B.     Outputs/Deliverables

Deliverable: Develop version 1 of NDC Transparency system including GhG Inventory modules.

Develop the core Transparency system as a Digital Public Good, with the modules below. Deliverables will be handed over as source code stored in Github and documentation adhering to DPG standard.

1.      Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Tracking system and Actions [Projects]

a.      A project-based Management Mechanism for Adaptation, Mitigation, Crosscutting

b.      A Mechanism designed to monitor and assess the progress of countries in achieving their climate-related commitments outlined in their NDCs following UNFCCC guidance.

c.       Modules to be developed are: Actions Programs, Projects, Activities, Support, Reporting

2.      Finance Flow

3.      A project-based Management Mechanism for Sought, Committed, Invested funds Analytics Dashboard

a.      Visual overview of total NDC actions/Programs projects etc, number implemented-planned, sectors etc displayed in graphs with adjustable time periods

4.      Reporting Tool

a.      UNFCCC report common tabular table automation

b.      CSV and Excel Upload

5.      Programme Verifier [API]

a.      Establish API schema standard & documentation

b.      Integration with ITMOs-Carbon Registry and CADT

c.       CSV Upload (ITM

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