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POPs-RFP-Development of the FBIH waste management plan
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Deadline :23-Jul-24 @ 09:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :25-Jun-24 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-BIH-00895,1
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Introduction :


The main objective of this assignment will be to develop the FBiH Waste Management Plan that will ensure harmonization with the following priorities of the FBiH Environmental Protection Strategy and that will provide an overview of the current situation in the field of waste management, as well as clear guidelines for the establishment of a sustainable integrated waste management system in the FBiH for the next five years:

Priority 1: Improve the legal and strategic framework in the field of waste management with EU principles, which will be achieved by harmonizing the Federation regulations, policies and planning/strategic documents with the obligations arising from EU Directives and guidelines for waste management, as well as from the requirements of the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal.

Priority 2: Improve the system of recording and reporting on wastes, which will be achieved by introducing the obligation to determine the composition and quantities of waste, establishing a designated laboratory for waste analysis, and by strengthening the waste management information system, with the aim of obtaining reliable data on waste that will enable better and more sustainable strategic planning and investment in the field of waste management.

Priority 3: Introduce economic and financial instruments and mechanisms that will impact the reduction of the quantity of all categories of waste and an increase in the degree of their utilization, which will be achieved through the analysis of possibilities and recommendations for the review of the existing and the introduction of additional economic and financial instruments and mechanisms, such as legal mechanisms and technical recommendations, which will impact the reduction of the quantity of wastes and increase in the degree of utilization of all categories of waste, and the final launch of the initiative for the adoption of recommendations and the introduction of new instruments in cooperation with other competent ministries.

Priority 4: Improve the municipal waste management system, which will be achieved through the reform of the municipal waste management sector, procurement of equipment and construction of infrastructure for municipal waste management, and investments in programmes aimed at reducing the quantity of municipal waste disposed of in landfills.

Priority 5: Improve the management system for special categories of waste, which will be achieved by strengthening the extended producer responsibility scheme for packaging and EE waste and creating conditions for adequate collection and disposal of both those two categories and other special categories of waste, such as batteries and accumulators, waste tires, waste oils, waste arising from end-of-life vehicles, construction waste, waste sludge, waste of animal origin and medical waste. Under this priority, efforts will be made to strengthen the waste market intended for recycling and to include informal collectors in the recycling system.

Priority 6: Remediate the areas under inadequately disposed waste, which will be achieved by comprehensive recording of existing official municipal waste landfills and abandoned industrial landfills, and by finding resources for their removal and remediation.

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