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International Consultant Developing Foresight Capacity for Government of Lao PDR
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :15-Jul-24 @ 12:59 PM (New York time)
Published on :25-Jun-24 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-LAO-00347
Contact :Kongthanou Khanthavixay -

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Introduction :

Country: Home Based - with limited in-country mission   


Description of the Assignment:  

The objective of this assignment is to support the DRI-MPI in developing its overall strategic foresight approach, identify the appropriate institutional set-up for mainstreaming the use of insights from strategic foresight, develop foresight tools, and train the staff of DRI and other relevant ministries to conduct foresight exercises and be able to integrate them into the development planning and budgeting processes.

The consultant will work under the Development Research Institute (DRI), MPI, and closely with UNDP’s Inclusive Growth Unit. The consultant will be expected to closely work with MPI, and other relevant departments of government agencies, development partners, including UN system agencies to gather feedback and policy guidance in delivering the assignment's objectives.


The consultant is expected to broadly work on three areas: (1) take stock of existing capacities of DRI and informed by international best practices on foresight capacities in the public sector, formulate an approach (or methodology) for building foresight capacity; (2) identify the appropriate institutional architecture (such as new organizational functions), and data capacities required for institutionalizing foresight capabilities;  and (3) develop strategic foresight tools and conduct capacity building for DRI-MPI and other relevant staff from government ministries, to use the tools and collaborate on matters of strategic foresight and national development planning.


1.       Capacity assessment and the formulation of a foresight methodology for DRI-MPI


·      Review the existing strategic planning support and foresight capacities of DRI-MPI, assessing strengths, weaknesses, and gaps and identifying fundamental skills needed (design thinking, causal reasoning, scenario planning, etc.) to build a robust foresight capacity at the DRI-MPI.

·      Assess international best practices for public sector foresight capacities and develop foresight activities most suitable for the context of Lao PDR.  

·      Under the strategic guidance of DRI-MPI and UNDP, and the results of consultations with relevant partners, formulate a comprehensive methodology for establishing and enhancing foresight capacities for the context of Lao PDR.


2.     Identification of institutional architecture and data capabilities for mainstreaming foresight in national development planning


·         Evaluate the current institutional structure of the Government of Lao PDR and realistically recommend incremental improvements to integrate foresight effectively.

·         Outline the data requirements and sources for foresight activities, such as macroeconomic indicators used to analyze economic outlooks/trend analysis and other global/regional trends, and how they are interdependent, to lay the foundation for data analysis as evidence support to foresight exercise.

·         Develop a blueprint for an integrated information system that supports foresight activities and decision-making processes.

·         Propose collaboration models for data sharing and joint foresight initiatives with other government agencies, development partners, and UN system agencies.


3.     Development of foresight tools and capacity building for DRI-MPI


·         Design and develop a suite of strategic foresight tools tailored to the needs of DRI-MPI and relevant ministries. Tools may include scenario analysis, trend impact analysis, and risk assessment models that can be useful for national development planning.

·         Integrate strategic foresight tools into the teaching modules developed under DRI-MPI for research capacity building for its sub-national units. The strategic foresight tools should include example of foresight planning, best practice from other countries.

·         Conduct a series of capacity-building workshops and training sessions for DRI staff and other relevant government ministry personnel on how foresight tools can be used in the context of national development planning; facilitate practical exercises and simulations using the developed tools to enhance learning and application.

·         Provide recommendations on a feedback mechanism to continually improve the foresight tools and training based on staff experience and changing requirements. 

Period of assignment/services: 30 working days over five months. 


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