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Individual Contractor-Policy Specialist (for Nationals Only)
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :22-Jul-24 @ 05:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :05-Jul-24 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-PHL-00461
Contact :UNDP Procurement Philippines Philippines -

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Introduction :

Country:   Philippines


Description of the Assignment:  

UNDP seeks to engage the services of an Individual Consultant who shall function as a Policy Specialist. The main objective of the Policy Specialist on Climate, Disaster, and Resilience Finance is to strategically enhance the Philippines' ability to withstand, recover from, and adapt to the adverse effects of disasters and climate change through sound policymaking and innovative financing. This includes improving the ability to respond to disasters after they occur (ex-post) and proactively planning and mitigating future risks (ex-ante) to ensure the sustainability of development efforts.

To achieve this, the Policy Specialist will study existing policies and frameworks on financing climate and disaster resilience, evaluating their effectiveness in addressing the needs of the most 

vulnerable populations. The role involves recommending strategies and innovative instruments to address gaps and inefficiencies in current financing policies and mechanisms.

The ultimate objective is to develop a resilient financial ecosystem that supports a robust and sustainable development agenda. This includes ensuring efficient resource allocation for disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation, addressing loss and damage, and leveraging public and private investments. The outputs of this assignment will contribute to safeguarding the nation's economic stability, environmental sustainability, and social well-being in the face of an increasingly unpredictable global climate.

The Policy Specialist’s tasks include:

1. Conduct a comprehensive review of policies and frameworks for financing climate and disaster resilience. This includes examining how these policies are translated into practice and assessing their effectiveness in promoting resilience building.

2. Identify gaps and inefficiencies contributing to policy fragmentation and impede effective resource allocation and utilization. Key questions to address include:

- How influential are these policies in addressing the resilience challenges faced by those most in need?

- What has been the experience in implementation, including accessibility, utilization, and effectiveness of funds?

- Do we have the right policies and mix of financing instruments to address climate and disaster resilience issues? If not, what needs improvement, and what needs to be done?

3. Propose enhancements to integrate and streamline financial policies, ensuring improved access to resources for subnational entities. Consider: 

- How can the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of existing finance mechanisms and policies be addressed?

- What new, additional, or innovative finance mechanisms should be implemented to fill gaps?

- What principles should guide the development of these mechanisms?

4. Identify essential capabilities and institutional arrangements required at various governmental levels to effectively manage and apply new financial tools, instruments, and resources. Specifically:

- How can local governments and communities have better access to, manage, and properly allocate existing budgets for climate and disaster resilience financing?

- What capabilities and institutional arrangements are necessary to manage and apply these resources effectively?

5. Provide technical advice to DOF and facilitate capacity building and knowledge sharing to empower local governments in planning and executing climate resilience activities.

The expected outputs of this assignment are:

1. Comprehensive Policy Review Report

Produce a detailed report that assesses financial policies and frameworks related to financing climate and disaster resilience and defines the current resilience financing architecture. The report should map existing policies and identify overlaps, gaps, and points of friction that hinder effective implementation.

2. Strategy Paper

Recommend strategies and mechanisms, including institutional arrangements at various government levels, to improve the flow of funds and technical assistance to subnational entities. The paper should ensure they have adequate resources to implement resilience projects effectively.


Period of assignment/services: 75 person-days spread over 7 months


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