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National Consultant for Community Policing expert
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :22-Mar-23 @ 06:30 AM (New York time)
Published on :02-Mar-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-BGD-00093
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Introduction : Country:  Bangladesh

Description of the Assignment: The influx of around 745,000 Rohingya people into Bangladesh since August 2017 has placed enormous pressure on host communities in Cox's Bazar and the Government of Bangladesh (GoB). Impacts of the influx have been severe and far-reaching. Given the conflict risks in the district, the project aims to focus on reducing social tensions and tackling the underlying causes of those tensions - both immediate and longer- term drivers. Enhancing Community Safety, Peaceful Coexistence and Access to Justice Project (CSPC) project is designed on the work and lessons of UNDP C2RP project and uses an Area Based Approach that integrates strongly cross-linked interventions between community security, access to justice and participatory local governance, to implement the following interventions.

The Enhancing Community Safety, Peaceful Coexistence and Access to Justice Project (CSPC) of CXB will support relevant Government agencies to increase the capacity of police to prevent and respond to crime; enhance community security and people-oriented policing for both the Rohingya and host communities through strengthening Community Policing Forums (CPFs), Beat Policing and Community Safety Forums of Camps (CSF) to ensure community protection. Support small-scale infrastructure development at the Union level and provide furniture and IT equipment for selected police stations to improve services for survivors of gender-based violence (GBV), including a feasibility study for victim support center or facilities.

 The project will also increase the participation of the communities to raise their voice against gender based viola=ence, early marriage, drug trafficking and use, prevent community crimes and support the CPF mechanism; increase involvement of citizens, particularly women and other marginalized groups, in local community security planning for implementation. Organizing inclusive dialogues on security issues. The project will also support the school students in the crime prevention programme and support the district police for their effective participation of the programme.

 Amongst its objectives, the project-specific aims to activate the community policing mechanism as well as enhance the capacity of the community police forum members who are from the host community. The mechanism would support the host community to defend the petty crimes by tracking and identifying actors and keeping close contact with local police camp or police station. The project will also enhance the capacity of the CXB District Police to investigate the cases because there are long huge pending cases are in the district Judiciary and the capacity of Armed Police Battalion (APBn) to ensure effective service delivery and mitigate safety issues at the camps. As the project is working to strengthen the capacity of the host community, CXB district police and APBn forces to ensure quality peaceful co- existence of the host community and Rohingya communities.

Lessons learned from other humanitarian crises and previous experience in Bangladesh (including UNDP's Police Reform Programme: 2007-2016) suggest that community policing programmers can make a positive contribution. The community policing mechanism would support experienced community security experts, including responsible police officers, to manage risks and improve partnerships between police and the host community. The proposed consultant would support to achieve those objectives.

Therefore, the UNDP, UNHCR, and IOM have developed a concept note on the humanitarian-development- peace nexus in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh to support both communities. The Population Refugee and Migration (PRM) State Department has approved the concept for three years, while the Enhancing Community Safety, Peaceful Coexistence and Access to Justice (CSPC) Project of UNDP will implement the outcome of one of the programmes.

Period of assignment/service (if applicable): 120 working days over the period 01 April 2023 to 30 September 2023(Tentative).

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