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Social and Environmental Specialist
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :31-Mar-23 @ 05:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :13-Mar-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-PHL-00065
Contact :Jack Paul Agonia -

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Introduction :

A.      Project Title: Green Climate Fund – Coastal Resilience Project

B.      Project Description


The Government of the Philippines, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), developed a funding proposal for submission to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).  Commencing in 2017 with the support of the GCF Readiness Programme, the funding proposal and feasibility study were developed with the assistance of technical experts, and supported by concerned national government agencies.  Stakeholder consultations were conducted during its preparation that started in 2017.  National and sub-national offices, local government units, the experts, the academe and civil society groups were consulted during project development.

The proposed project will help the GoP to enhance the climate resilience of vulnerable communities in three target regions within the Eastern Seaboard of the Philippines using a community-centered and ecosystem-based approach. Given its orientation towards the north-western Pacific Ocean which is the most active tropical cyclone basin in the world, the Eastern Seaboard is particularly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change. To achieve said objectives, the project has the following components: i) Enhanced knowledge management systems for reducing the vulnerability of coastal communities to climate-induced coastal hazards; ii) Enhanced coastal ecosystems to buffer against extreme weather events and to support climate-resilient and gender-responsive livelihoods and; iii) Enhanced capacity for integrating coastal ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) considerations into Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUP).


As required under the GCF process, the Funding Proposal and Feasibility Study (FS) for the CRP were submitted to the Climate Change Commission (CCC) for its no objection and was endorsed to the GCF Secretariat on November 08, 2019. Initial comments were provided by the GCF to the UNDP last January 2020. In line with the revisions being made to the Funding Proposal in response to GCF comments, the safeguards management plans of the said Funding Proposal are also needed to be enhanced following UNDP’s revised Social and Environmental Standards (SES) policy which came into effect last January 2021. Included in the enhancement is the preparation of an Indigenous Peoples Planning Framework (IPPF) given that the Project may ay affect the rights, resources and resource uses of indigenous peoples in the selected project sites. The IPPF is to be elaborated and implemented in a manner consistent with the UNDP Social and Environmental Standards and the Philippines’ Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA), with a level of detail proportional to the complexity of the nature and scale of the proposed Project, and its potential impacts on indigenous peoples, resources and resource uses. The IPPF needs to be in place and mitigation measures taken prior to the conduct of any activity that may cause adverse impacts on indigenous peoples, including the existence, value, use or enjoyment of their lands,


C.  Objectives and Scope of Work


1)   UNDP, in collaboration with the Government of the Philippines, seeks to engage a qualified National Social and Environmental Safeguard Specialist to prepare the IPPF and ensure alignment of the safeguards management plans prepared for the Coastal Resilience Project Funding Proposal with the UNDP revised SES policy.


UNDP’s Social and Environmental Standards (SES) underpin our commitment to mainstream social and environmental sustainability in our Programmes and Projects to support sustainable development. The objectives of the standards are to:

      Strengthen the social and environmental outcomes of Programmes and Projects

      Avoid adverse impacts on people and the environment

      Minimize, mitigate, and manage adverse impacts where avoidance is not possible

      Strengthen UNDP and partner capacities for managing social and environmental risks

      Ensure full and effective stakeholder engagement, including through a mechanism to respond to complaints from project-affected people


2)   Given the stakeholder consultations undertaken, including those concerning the indigenous peoples (IP), during the preparation of the Funding Proposal and Feasibilty Study, the National SES Safeguards Specialist is tasked to:


·       Re-validate of IP related data gathered during project preparation stage, including conduct of consultations with stakeholders who can potentially provide additional information about IPs;

·       Document the due diligence process conducted to actually map indigenous peoples likely to be affected by the project;

·       Define the process on how the project will engage with these communities;

·       Develop the Project’s IPPF;

·       Ensure consistency of the IPPF and Indigenous Peoples Plan (IPP) outline; and

·       Finalize the IPPF based  on comments received from UNDP.


D.  Expected Outputs and Deliverables


Deliverables/ Outputs

Estimated Duration to Complete

Target Due Dates (Tentative Dates)

Review and Approvals Required


Payment upon submission and acceptance of the following deliverables:

• Inception report delivered within 5 days of the inception meeting

2 days

March 17, 2023

UNDP CO CAP Team Leader, Regional Technical Specialist

Payment upon submission and acceptance of the following deliverables:

• Draft IPPF.

    Report outlining the stakeholder consultations conducted related with IP communities

10 days

March 29, 2023

UNDP CO CAP Team Leader, Regional Technical Specialist

Payment upon submission and acceptance of the following deliverables:

• A final IPPF, capturing all of the comments from UNDP.


3 days

April 10, 2023

UNDP CO CAP Team Leader, Regional Technical Specialist


15 days




E.         Institutional Arr

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