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Headhunter Consultant (Talent Agent)
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :31-Mar-23 @ 05:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :13-Mar-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-PHL-00067
Contact :Jack Paul Agonia -

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Introduction :

 A.              Project Title: Connectivity, Capability and Resiliency through Free Wi-Fi for All (CoRe FW4A)


B.            Project Description

 UNDP Philippines is supporting DICT expand its free  Wi-Fi services and strengthen the ICT ecosystem for designated areas that currently have no or limited access to the Internet, and to sites that were highly affected by the pandemic and/or natural disasters such as higher educational institutions (HEIs), rural health units (RHUs), and local government units (LGUs).


Under a DICT-UNDP partnership, the Connectivity, Capability, and Resiliency through Free Wi-Fi for All (CoRe FW4A) project aims     to provide “Women and men with access to free internet services in public places and government offices to supplement learning and help augment the government’s disaster preparedness and response and healthcare services.” The project outputs are as follows:


a)              Output 1: Broader people’s access to free internet services in designated sites;

b)              Output 2: Capacity of DICT and local government units strengthened to install and manage ICT and internet equipment and services, and in ICT assessment and planning; and

c)              Output 3: Disaster preparedness and response for emergency including health-related connectivity and communications resiliency improved for DICT, sub-national, and local government offices.


c.1)          Output 3a: Healthcare ICT ecosystem strengthened for rural health units, vaccination centers, and public hospitals.

c.2)          Output 3b: Disaster preparedness and response for emergency connectivity and communications improved for DICT, sub-national and local government offices.


At the end of the project, it is expected that internet access will be provided to at least 1 million unique users by means of the free public Wi-Fi in HEIs, RHUs, GIDA communities and other subnational and local government offices.


The Project requires the services of an Independent Consultant as Headhunter or Talent Agent to provide relevant recruitment and selection related services for the position of Project Manager for the CoRe FW4A. She/he will impart independent and external HR consultancy services for a well-planned and timely recruitment and selection of a Project Manager compliant with the qualifications sought for by UNDP. The IC shall promote a collaborative, client-oriented approach and contribute to the maintenance of high-quality implementation of the CoRe FW4A project.


C.       Scope of Work and Outputs


Under the overall direction and guidance of the UNDP Institutions and Partnerships Programme Team Leader (I&P Team Leader) and day-to-day supervision of the CoRe Fw4A Officer-in-Charge, and working closely with the CoRe FW4A Project Management Unit (PMU), the Individual Consultant shall perform the following:


1.       Guided by the Recruitment Policy of UNDP and in conjunction with the Terms of Reference/job advertisement for the CoRe FW4A Project Manager,

a.       Obtain prospective candidates whose qualifications meet the requirements in the Terms of Reference/job advertisement which will be provided by the CoRe FW4A PMU.

b.       Initially discuss with prospective candidates if they are interested in being employed with UNDP for the project

c.       Furnish a list of CVs with contact details, and summary of qualifications for least 10 prospective candidates, considering gender parity, who meet the minimum qualifications for the CoRe FW4A Project Manager to be provided to the I&P Team Leader, and HR for further screening and interview.

2.       Ensure to the best of her/his reasonable endeavors the highest professional standards and exercise all due care, skill, and competence to ensure that the services provided shall be to the full satisfaction of UNDP and requirement of the Project to be rendered in a proper and timely manner.

3.       During the entire period of the assignment, the IC shall make her/himself available for providing the service.

4.       Reports / documents or any part will be treated as UNDP property, therefore, cannot be sold, used and reproduced in any manner and governed by the UNDP Rules and Regulations on confidentiality.


D.              Timetable of Deliverables


The Consultant shall implement the following activities and/or deliver on the following outputs:



Expected Level of  Effort

Target Due Date

(Tentative Date)

Review and Approvals Required

Provide list of CVs of at least 10 interested and qualified candidates, and summary of qualifications with gender parity considerations


10 person-days


24 Mar 2023


CoRe FW4A Officer-in-Charge


I&P Programme Analyst/Focal


Approval by:


Institutions and Partnership Programme Team Leader


10 person-days


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