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“Developing a Green Climate Fund Country Programme Document for India”.
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Deadline :10-May-23 @ 03:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :21-Apr-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-IND-00112
Contact :Shahnaaz Basha -

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Introduction :

I.                    Objective and Scope of work 

One of the major activities of the project is to undertake a consultative multi-stakeholder process to develop a GCF country programme document (CPD). The CPD presents a country’s climate change priorities with the GCF, including a pipeline of projects that the country would like to develop with the Fund. It provides an action plan that details how projects and programmes are to be developed, the type of entity to partner with, and the readiness and project preparation support required. The document will support MoEF&CC to effectively identify specific project/programme priorities that could eventually be translated into full projects/programmes with sound business models and financing structures, and which will facilitate tapping into the financial resources available in the private sector. 

The service provider in consultation with MoEF&CC and UNDP will develop the CPD in alignment with the GCF guidance document. This will entail the following activities:


1.      Conduct at least two key stakeholder consultations to identify national priorities for future GCF financing  

The service provider will conduct at least two key stakeholder consultations to identify national priorities for developing a climate finance strategy for future GCF financing. One consultation will be held for government representatives at the national and sub-national levels and multilateral organizations including UN agencies. A second consultation will be held for non-governmental stakeholders such as accredited entities (AEs), direct access entities (DAEs), banks, financial institutions, industry, and civil society organizations (CSOs).  Inputs for the country programme document will be obtained from the stakeholders on crucial areas of climate finance programme such as priorities for GCF funding, important sectors for climate financing, aspects on making the CPD more gender responsive, as well as planning and institutional needs.  The CPD will have gender equality considerations to ensure gender co-benefits. All efforts will be made to ensure that representatives of women’s groups and vulnerable communities are equally involved in the stakeholder consultations for non-governmental stakeholders. In addition, care will be taken to ensure that women are effectively involved and equally represented throughout the process. Sex-disaggregated data of the participants will be collected at the end of every consultation. The service provider will provide a staff who will be based in MoEF&CC and will report to the GCF Focal Point. The staff will provide support in coordinating and organizing stakeholder consultations with government representatives at the national and sub-national levels.  

2.      Develop a country programme document based on the stakeholder consultations and in alignment with India’s updated climate policies and priorities for post-COVID-19 recovery 

A comprehensive stocktaking will be done of existing strategies & policies on climate finance as well as the country’s climate finance landscape will be analyzed and various sources of climate finance including public, private, and other types of financing (domestic and international) will be mapped. Based on this a climate finance strategy will be developed as part of the CPD which will cover all key climate change priority sectors encompassing all sources of climate finance. The CPD will also include a GCF-focused programming plan, which will identify strategic areas for which GCF funding can be explored by the country. In addition, potentially impactful projects, and programmes (in terms of contribution to the NDC) for GCF funding and suitable GCF Accredited Entities (AEs)/Direct Access Entities (DAEs)/prospective accredited entities that would submit and implement them will be identified.  This will involve stakeholder engagement, as well as undertaking a comprehensive review of GCF activities being implemented by various national/sub-national/international accredited entities. Based on the multi-stakeholder consultations conducted for revising the CPD, key priority areas which have the potential for impactful investments, innovation, replication, scale, and financial sustainability will be determined. Potential areas from where project preparation resources may be acquired to develop the prioritized projects/programmes will also be determined.  The CPD will also have gender equality considerations to ensure gender smart climate financing. Further, gender-specific risks and opportunities will be identified to maximize the gender sensitive development impact of the CPD. 

Broadly the CPD will include the following components:

(i)                  Country context (2-3 pages)

(ii)                Climate finance strategy and priorities (2-3 pages)

(iii)              Project and programme priorities for the GCF (5-7 pages)

(iv)              Policy, strategy, planning and institutional needs (2-3 pages)

(v)                Multi-stakeholder engagement process (1-2 pages)

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20 April 2023

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