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Maintenance Service of the RAPISCAN 520B X-Ray Machine
Deadline :16-May-23 @ 12:02 AM (New York time)
Published on :08-May-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-BHR-00005
Contact :Jehan Restam -

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Introduction :

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Bahrain Country Office is managing the United Nations (UN) Common Premises in Hoora, Manama, wishes to engage the services of security equipment service company for the maintenance of the X-Ray Machine located at the security room by the entrance of the UN premises.

Scope of Work:

•Preventive maintenance of the X-Ray System on a Quarterly basis (four times in a year).

oCheck all exterior surfaces for loose, missing or damaged components

oCheck operation of conveyor.

oCheck Panel interlocks.

oCheck operation of System ON and X-ray ON light bulbs.

oCheck error log for ongoing operational issues.

oClean machine including dust build-up and foreign objects from all internal surfacesincluding collimator.

oCheck radiation shielding around the X-ray tank and Detector assembly.

oRemove the internal computer and clean. Check all PCBs and connections for correctseating.

oCheck all cables for tightness, fraying, exposed wiring, or other damage.

oMonitor machine startup for errors and ensure correct operation.

oDe-gauss workstation operators console monitor.

oCheck fans for correct operation and clean fan filters.

oRun "Detector Align" and adjust if necessary.

oPerform "Air Reference".

oRun "Machine Alpha" tool.

oPerform "Bag Bounce" (minimum 20 bounces) paying attention to the correct operationof photo eyes and image quality.

oCheck conveyer belt, entrance and exit tunnel curtains for rips, tears etc.

oCheck inside system tunnel for stickers that may block the Bag sensors.

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oCheck roller beds and security screen for wear and damage. Tighten or replace mountingscrews as necessary.

oClean all outer surfaces with approved cleaning agent.

oInstall any pending FCO as directed.

oPerform "Radiation Survey".

oRun the Bulk Test (Alpha Tool) 5 times to verify algorithm operation

oRun Step Wedge Test and verify 24 AWG is visible at step 5

oRecord all results in a logbook.

•To ensures the smooth functioning.

•Support for breakdown calls on 24/7 basis.

•Attend for support calls within 4 hours from the time of reporting of fault.

•Supply the spare parts against individual purchase orders from the office.

Equipment Details:

•Description: X-Ray scanning machine.

•Model: RAPISCAN 520B

•Serial Number: 60740 N37

•Monitor: 17‐inch SVGA.

•Location: Security Room, the UN House 69, Road 1901, Hoora.

The maintenance services are to cover until end of December 2023. The offers are to be submitted by 15 May 2023.

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