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Supply and Installation of Audio Conference and Translation to UNOHCHR office
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Deadline :21-Nov-22 @ 03:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :20-Oct-22 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-KHM-00006
Contact :Pheara Lek -

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Introduction : The UNDP in Cambodia kindly requests your quotation for Supply and Installation of Audio Conference and Translation to UNOHCHR office. Those required items are:

Lot 1: 
  • Vertical luxury cabinet 15U (MP15U) or Equivalent (1 unit)
  • Power Sequence Controller (MAG2123S) or Equivalent (1 set)
  • 350W Conference Amplifer 6 MIC Input (MP6935) or Equivalent (1 set)
  • Cabinet Loudspeaker, 12W White (LB1-UW12-L) or Equivalent (4 unit)
  • Intelligent Digital Conference System Controller (D6201) or Equivalent (1 set)
  • Conference Speech & Vote Chairman Unit (D6221) or Equivalent (1 set)
  • Desktop Delegate Speech Unit (D6224) or Equivalent (9 sets)
  • Wireless Microphone Receiver, 722-746 MHz (MW1 RXF5) or Equivalent (3 sets)
  • Wireless Handheld Microphone, 722-746 MHz (MW1-HTX-F5) or Equivalent (3 units)
  • D62 Series Conference 8-pin DCN Wire 20m (D6263) or Equivalent (1 set)
  • IR Simultaneous Interpretation Systems (D6312) or Equivalent (1 set)
  • 12 Channel Interpretation Microphone (D6313) or Equivalent (1 set)
  • 12 Channel Infrared Earphone (D6313M) or Equivalent (1 set)
  • Infrared Radiation Panel (D6324) or Equivalent (2 sets)
  • 12 Channel Infrared Receiver (D6314) or Equivalent (20 sets)
  • Headset Earphone for Receiver (D6316) or Equivalent (20 sets)
  • 24 Channels Battery Charging Box (D6317) or Equivalent (1 set)
  • Cabling and Accessories, labor and installation fee of Lot 1 (1 set)
Lot 2:
  • Meraki MR46 or Equivalent (1 set)
The award will be based on lowest priced technically responsive and qualified bid by each lot.

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