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Individual Consultancy for Conducting a Cost Effectiveness Study on Positive Clu
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :18-Jun-23 @ 08:30 AM (New York time)
Published on :11-May-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-IRN-00072
Contact :Procurement unit of UNDP iran -

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Introduction :
  • Background:

 Cost-effectiveness analysis is a method for evaluating the costs and health outcomes of interventions that allow the relative value of different interventions to be compared. Policymakers use cost-effectiveness analyses to assist in understanding what interventions might provide the best value for money; cost-effectiveness analyses – and their related sensitivity analyses – also provide important additional information such as clinical, epidemiologic, and/or economic benchmarks for interventions to achieve the best outcome with lowest possible cost. If an intervention is not cost-effective under current conditions, analyses can project under what conditions it might become so. (Please refer to ToR for more information on the background)

This consultancy assignment aims to fulfil the following objectives:

                    1.       Develop an operational protocol for the study that includes

2.       Determine the total cost (direct and indirect) for prioritized health, social and empowerment services per person disaggregated by age, sex, geographical location, and other relevant factors.

3.       Determine a logical basis for comparing the cost-effectiveness of services and the overall cost-effectiveness of the centers

4.       Develop recommendations for improving the cost-effectiveness of positive clubs.

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