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RFP-014-22 Mapping and Capacity Strengthening of Selected 400 NGOs and CSOs
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :30-Nov-22 @ 08:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :24-Oct-22 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-AFG-00023
Contact :UNDP Procurement -

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Introduction :
RFP-014-22 Mapping and Capacity Strengthening of Selected 400 NGOs and CSOs for UNDP Afghanistan

The objective of the assignment is to engage a capacitated consulting firm to conduct mapping/analysis of NGOs/CSOs, including  to implement a comprehensive capacity development program targeting a specific range of NGOs/CSOs,  and other active local partners in all of Afghanistan.

The selection of the training themes and the targeted NGOs/CSOs in all 34 provinces in Afghanistan for training and on- the- job mentoring coaching and other development services will be developed based on a rapid mapping of the current NGO/CSO landscape (post- August 15), and needs/gaps analysis, which the contracting firm will carry out. The contracting firm will also support the submission of applications from NGOs/CSOs for capacity -building needs, aligned with specific results envisaged as per their Annual Work Plan (AWP) and strategic vision, while fulfilling the criteria for selection set by the project. The different portfolios of UNDP with a special focus on gender, service delivery, livelihoods, and context and risks analysis will be coordinating closely to ensure a comprehensive capacity enhancement action towards sustainability.

The contracting firm will provide timely and quality services contributing to enhancing the capacities of Afghan active CSOs/NGOs and other local partners to address the essential needs of the communities.

A comprehensive mapping will be conducted to better understand the current landscape of local and national CSO/NGOs in the 34 provinces, including coordination networks and structures. The mapping will elaborate on the current state and capacity needs and the local and national CSOs/NGOs in Afghanistan. The Project will capture the data and information from the mapping in a database with a taxonomy/registry of all registered local and national NGOs/CSOs, which will be maintained and owned by the Project.

Based on a call for proposals, the Project will select 400 local and national NGOs (300)/ CSOs (100) for a tailored capacity-building needs assessment based on the eligibility criteria. The contracting firm will carry out the capacity-building needs assessments once the NGOs/CSOs are selected. The capacity-building needs assessments will identify the current gaps and training needs, which the contracting firms will use to develop tailored capacity- building plans grouped into relevant themes/topics. The Project will introduce new training methodologies and techniques that foster and encourage participation, interaction and knowledge sharing among the targeted entities. Coaching will be conducted as well to ensure proper application of learned modalities on the job by the trainees in a way that reflects the positive impact on the targeted NGOs/CSOs in the areas identified above.

Several modalities will be adopted to enhance the capacities of CSO/NGO partners, including but not limited to needs and results-based interactive training workshops, coaching and on-the- job training, in addition to non-traditional capacity development activities.

Under the supervision of the NGO/CSOs Capacity Development Specialist and overall guidance of the Project Manager, the selection of the training themes and capacity- building modalities for the selected NGO/CSOs will be developed, based on a mapping and capacity needs assessment.

The NGO-CSO Capacity Building Project adopts Kirk-Patrick’s model to track and ensure the impact of its interventions at four levels, and the contracted firm shall provide needed information and data corresponding to each relevant level for each type of intervention.

The modality of evaluating the bids and contracting the service provider will be based on the bidder's ability to provide the best implementation of the required services. Each bidder will be requested to propose methodologies, training tools and materials, delivery modality, for implementing each type of the listed below services; supported by relevant records of services rendered to develop the capacities of Afghan CSOs/NGOs as well as the resumes of its trainers, experts, coaches and facilitators.

The required services are as outlined in the objectives section above:

·         Mapping of current local and national NGOs/CSOs operating in Afghanistan

·         Capacity development needs assessments and development of tailored capacity development plans

·         CSO/NGO Training services (Managerial, Operational and Thematic), based on tailored capacity development plans

·         On-the-Job training, mentoring, coaching and consultation services

·         Facilitation services for CSOs networking and non-traditional capacity development activities

For the event and logistics arrangement, the contractor is required to propose the training and on-the-job coaching as per below guidance, and indicate the proposed detailed implementation plan and financial breakdown as per the technical and financial proposal templates

·         Capacity Building Interactive Training Workshop and Commencement workshop: the average number is ideally 15 trainees per training session, but the number of trainees per session may vary between 10 to 30.

·         Coaching and consultancy services: The selected number of CSOs/NGOs and their related geographical locations which will benefit from these services will be determined based on a rigorous selection process and available resources

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