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Facilitation Services for UNV ROECIS REGIONAL RETREAT 5-8 SEPTEMBER 2023
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Deadline :30-May-23 @ 05:04 AM (New York time)
Published on :18-May-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-IRH-00037
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Introduction : Scope of the Tender



A.     Background

UNV ROECIS has achieved good results with regards to regional priorities and targets last two years. COVID-19 pandemic and recent crises have affected UN staff and UNV RO staff/personnel who despite the challenges faced, they were on top of their duty and contributed to achieving organizational objectives.

Covid, the War in Ukraine, and lastly the Earthquake in Turkiye have all had a significant impact on our lives, both directly and indirectly. In this regard, the UNV ROECIS has given the wellbeing of its employees and teamwork a high priority in its workplan for 2023, and it regularly holds different staff online wellbeing events to improve team relationships and team bonding.

During the last two years, UNV ROECIS has engaged new staff/personnel, and the main aim of the retreat is to strengthen team relationships and the ability to work together effectively. Furthermore, UNV ROECIS would like to focus on the continuation of the last years’ retreat, follow-up on the concrete actions and outcomes decided last year.  

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned and in line with the UNV restitching initiative, the ROECIS is planning to conduct 4 days’ workshop focusing on following areas:

1.      Teambuilding and staff wellbeing activities  

2.      Effective Communication trainings/workshops with applied activities on external communication with partners, internal communication within the organization, social media, storytelling, result based communication while reporting on the deliveries

3.      Strengthening the interaction between HQ, regional and field staff for volunteer management and administration

4.      Reviewing the regional priorities as per UNV Strategic Framework (SF 2022-25) at regional level

5.      Learning and experience sharing through practical sessions, peer-discussions and role play by tackling topics such as demand generation for onsite and online volunteers, volunteer management, talent acquisition (TA), result-based management (RBM) and communications, crises response

Workshop Objectives

1.      Foster common vision and understanding of UNV SF (2022-25) including UNVs tailored approach in positioning within the UN system.

2.      Deepen understanding of UNV’s identity in the UN landscape and deepen partnership building skills.

3.      Engage in joint learning on innovative volunteers’ integration practices.  

4.      Peer to peer exchange, mutual learning by sharing experiences and good practices on crises response and partnerships management.

5.      Teambuilding within the region and across UNV to boost effective engagement and collaboration. Enhanced effective business communication and business writing in UNV. 


To facilitate the workshop, prepare and deliver it jointly with the ROECIS personnel, ROECIS looks for an experienced contractor that will be able to support RO team with 1)designing & finalization of the agenda, 2)engage participants in relevant team building activities, 3)facilitate joined and proactive discussion, through use of innovative sessions design/ facilitation methods and creative visualisation.


The Regional Retreat will take place between 4-8 September 2023 in Turkiye. Total number of UNV related participants for the region, UNV HQ and other office is approximately 40.

Scope of Services

Against the objectives of the retreat, the contractor shall deliver the following services:

Advisory services, comprehensive workshop design and implementation, introduction of innovation and innovative practices (including, for example, use of visualisation methods, use of human-centred approaches, co-creation)

Specifically -

Advise and collaborate with UNV ROECIS team (provision of advice on strategic innovation, workshop design, workshop agenda/curriculum/content design) and development of agreed workshop agenda (including teambuilding activities supporting workshop objectives integrated in the program flow)

Methods: Need assessments, online meetings and discussions, presentations, documents, emails…

Design and preparation of preparatory workshop materials with the UNV ROECIS team before the workshop. Advise presenters, trainers on the design and delivery of interactive/innovative sessions.


Method: mini preparatory workshop, online meetings and biliteral discussions, presentations, visualisation, documents emails…

Provision of a team for running & facilitating core sessions during the 4-day workshop based on agreed workshop agenda. (Developed visualisation materials should be posted  in a format which can be used by UNV ROECIS teams for promotion, storytelling, and volunteer mobilisation, knowledge management)

Methods: workshop facilitation, visualisation, facilitation of storytelling, teambuilding, peer learning listening activities…

UNV senior staff will actively take part in the workshop preparation and workshop delivery and will as needed co-facilitate specific sessions with detailed modalities and role sharing to be agreed during preparation of the workshop.


A.     Reporting


The Contractor shall provide UNDP/UNV with a brief and concise report on the delivery of the retreat, including key highlights and lessons learnt along with the decisions taken and decided action points throughout the sessions within one week of the completion of the Event.


B.     Service Standards


1.      The Contractor shall provide polite, responsive, and efficient service always to fulfil the UNV’s requirements with UN Ethics. As a service objective, telephone calls and emails should be answered promptly.

2.      Contractor shall provide the following core service hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm and during event arrangement.

3.      Contractor(s) shall assign personnel/focal point for the event to facilitate and handle all event arrangements and to be in site during event period.


C.      Quality Control for the Services

The Contractor shall monitor the quality of the services provided to the UNDP/UNV on a<

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