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Event Management Services for UNV ROECIS REGIONAL RETREAT 5-8 SEPTEMBER 2023
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Reference Number :UNDP-IRH-00034
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Introduction : Scope of the Tender

Event Management Services for:


UNV ROECIS has achieved good results with regards to regional priorities and targets last two years. COVID-19 pandemic and recent crises have affected UN staff and UNV RO staff/personnel who despite the challenges faced, they were on top of their duty and contributed to achieving organizational objectives. .

Covid, the War in Ukraine, and lastly the Earthquake in Turkiye have all had a significant impact on our lives, both directly and indirectly. In this regard, the UNV ROECIS has given the wellbeing of its employees and teamwork a high priority in its workplan for 2023, and it regularly holds different staff online wellbeing events to improve team relationships and team bonding.

During the last two years, UNV ROECIS has engaged new staff/personnel, and the main aim of the retreat is to strengthen team relationships and the ability to work together effectively.    Furthermore, UNV ROECIS would like to focus on the continuation of the last years’ retreat, follow-up on the concrete actions and outcomes decided last year. 

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned and in line with the UNV restitching initiative, the ROECIS is planning to conduct 4 days’ workshop focusing on following areas:


1.     Teambuilding and staff wellbeing activities 

2.     Effective Communication trainings/workshops with applied activities on external communication with partners, internal communication within the organization, social media, storytelling, result based communication while reporting on the deliveries

3.     Strengthening the interaction between HQ, regional and field staff for volunteer management and administration

4.     Reviewing the regional priorities as per UNV Strategic Framework (SF 2022-25) at regional level

5.     Learning and experience sharing through practical sessions, peer-discussions and role play by tackling topics such as demand generation for onsite and online volunteers, volunteer management, talent acquisition (TA), result-based management (RBM) and communications, crises response

The total number of participants will be approximately 40 including trainers.


       The dates/times of the event are as follows:

       5 September, start 8:00 am – 6:00 pm for 40 participants

       6 Sept, start 8:00 am – 6:00 pm for 40 participants

       7 Sept, start 8:00 am – 6:00 pm for 40 participants

8 Sept, start 8:00 am – 6:00 pm for 40 participants


The residential venue should be of at least a 5-star standard, in Antalya-downtown, easily accessible by public transport and allowing for the drop-off, parking area and beach access (private/public). The residential venue must have the following characteristics:


a)      Room (1) facilities large enough to accommodate approximately 40 participants for general sessions. The room should have access to internet connection and the appropriate space to accommodate technical IT support to facilitate the presentations and microphones connections.


b)     Easy access to the venue’s in-house facilities or an adjacent room for lunch and suitable area for coffee breaks in the immediate vicinity of the conference facility, with access limited to conference participants, UN staff and the required hotel staff.


c)      Easy access to open-air areas for the sessions which might take place outside of the meeting room.


d)     Lunch Buffet. It should include soft drinks and the choice of food should cater for all needs (meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan) with both European and Middle Eastern including Arabic and Turkish cuisines.


e)     Provision of coffee, tea, water with suitable snacks (cookies, fruit baskets) outside of the conference room/facility throughout the day, at a minimum 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. On Tuesday 5th of September, Wednesday, 6th September, Thursday, 7th of September and Friday 8th of September


f)       Regarding Lunch Buffet, the requirement is needed for Tuesday 5th of September, Wednesday, 6th September, Thursday, 7th of September and Friday 8th of September between 12:00 and 2:00 pm.



1.      Technical requirements


Accommodation(Bed & Breakfast)


40 Single rooms ( +-5)

Check-in on Monday, 4th September. Check-out on 9th September

*Some Participants may arrive earlier at their own expense.

*4-5 rooms may check in on Sunday, 3rd September.




Meeting Event

1 Conference room

for approximately 40 people with access to internet connection and the appropriate space to accommodate technical IT support to facilitate the presentations and microphones connections


required from 8 am, Tuesday, 5th September to Friday 8th September at 5 pm.







a)      Main Conference room   


One (1) conference room for UNV ROECIS Regional Retreat required from 8 am, Tuesday, 5th September to Friday 8th September, 5 pm in Antalya, Turkiye, 40 participants (this is the total number of participants, including facilitators and support staff);



-        Conference Audio Equipment with table or wireless microphones at each table + 3 microphones for trainers/facilitators (total 12 wireless microphones).

-        Power supply with power outlets (for charging Laptops etc).

-        Projector and screen for presentations.

-        A full-time technician on-site to handle the audio equipment, projector and that ensures smooth connection.

Room set-up:

-        Room must be available for set up required from 8 am, Tuesday, 5th September to Friday 8th September 6 pm.

-        9 round tables for 5 people per desk 45 people.

-        There should be ample space between each table.

-        Good and stable Internet connection with Wi-Fi password available to all participants.

-        1 flipchart per table per day  


-        Drinking water and glasses for participants (average 1 litre per person per day) in the conference room for a total of 40 people.


-        Basic stationery (1 staplers, 30 post-it notes, 5 scissors, 7 tapes)

3.   Conference package

2 Coffee breaks will be provided on 5-7 of September, 1 coffee break will be provided on 8th of September  

-     Lunches will be provided between 5-8 of September

-     Main conference room for 4 full days between 5-8 September


4.  Welcome Reception

On the arrival date, 4th of September, there will be a welcome reception for 40 people. The reception will include finger food and drinks.


5.   Conductive Environnent and Event Management


-        The hotel shall not conduct any renovations on its premises during the dates of the retreat.

-        If there is another event taking place during the same period, the hotel must ensure that services towards the training are not affected in any way (for example, shortage of staff, party noise, music or announcement that could affect our programme).

-        All rooms must be used exclusively by UNV Team during the whole period of 5-8 September.

-        The venue shall designate a focal point and provide their name and mobile phone number from among its staff to oversee the smooth running of the event, and will ensure that the designated focal point, or alternate with delegated responsibility, will be present on the premises for the full duration of the event and available to engage with UNV Team focal point/s on any matters.

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