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Africa Lions’ Den Initiative
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :26-Jun-23 @ 09:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :30-May-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-ZAF-00028

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Introduction :


The consultant firm is expected to assist UNDP in implementing the project by leading the following activities.

a)      Develop ecosystem maps for entrepreneurship in the target countries

UNDP Africa Sustainable Finance Hub (ASFH) and UNDP country offices (COs) plan to develop entrepreneurship ecosystem maps in the three target countries, Angola, South Africa and Zambia that characterize the current state of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and identify gaps to be addressed before the operating environment is rendered enabling for startups including those UNDP and partners will be working with subsequently. To this extent, the consultant is expected to lead the following tasks.

·       Arrange and conduct a kickoff meeting with involved UNDP teams to discuss and unpack the preferred approach and timeline, which will be used during the ecosystem mapping exercise.

·       Develop a short inception report that briefly describes work plans, methodologies, schedule, etc.

·       Get connected to local consultants who UNDP COs might recommend.

·       Research and analyze the ecosystems and conduct regular status update meetings with UNDP.

·       Conduct a field trip to validate the desk and secondary data research and also seek feedback from local key actors, accompanying a representative of Japanese investors who will meet those key players.

·       Finalize the ecosystem map and get it endorsed by COs and ASFH.

b)      Design a Startup Challenge Fund

For Angola and South Africa, the project will set up a Startup Challenge Fund with which UNDP will select 3 startups per country at the (pre-) Series A stage[1] in the priority sectors/themes[2] and provide a catalytic grant and investment readiness training. It can be tailored to the maturity of the individual startups and to the needs of Japanese investors. In preparation for this, the consultant is expected to lead the following:

·       Propose the key details of the Challenge Fund, which might include:

o   List and reach out to potential implementation partners such as selection board members, mentors/advisers for the selected startups, professional firms that can assist in business plan (business modelling, financial model, accounting service), etc.

o   Make a communication, marketing and branding plan to make the Challenge widely known among the startup communities.

o   Propose criteria and rubric for selecting startups, that integrate common criteria used by other startup support initiatives and investors viewpoints.

o   Liaise with potential investors including Japanese investors to learn about whether they want to be a member of the selection board, whether they can pre-identify their favorite startups, what kind of investment readiness support they think is helpful to support them to actually consider investing in them, etc.

o   Consider how to deliver the training (e.g. online, offline or hybrid, group training vs tailor-made)

o   Logistics consideration (Challenge website, training material, networking event, etc.)

o   Timeline/schedule.

·       Advise on the design and development of a Challenge website including questions to be asked in the application form.

·       Support disseminating the call for application among the startup communities and advertising the project across the ecosystems.

·       Support compiling all the applications right after the application deadline and support creating infographics (about the numbers of application, sector and geographical spread and other metrics).

·       Support grading the applications based on the set criteria and shortlist startups to invite for the interview and join the interviews and advise which to select.

·       Support the follow-up with the selected startups until they move on to the investment readiness training.

c)       Provide investment readiness support to prepare for the Lions’ Den pitching event

The consultant is expected to lead the following tasks.

  • Prepare training contents and tailor them for each selected startup by taking the potential investors’ needs into account, covering mainly the following 4 subjects[3]:
    • Information Seminar
    • Investment Readiness Review (i.e. diagnosis of current investment readiness)
    • Investment Readiness Development Program (i.e. business plan enhancement including how much investment to request for how much share and what the money will be spent for)
    • Pitch Review.
  • Mobilize mentors/advisors from within the Consultant’s firm or from outside and set the dates for the training sessions with the startups.
  • Deliver the investment readiness training sessions and issue a certificate for those who complete all of them (TBD).
  • Support the startups with creating an investment memo, pitch deck, mock product/app, term sheet, and/or presentation script at the pitching event.

d)      Organize the Lions’ Den pitch event

The consultant is expected to lead the following tasks.

  • Reach out to producers/directors of media companies such as TV, web-based media to stimulate their interest in broadcasting the event in a way akin to the American Show, Shark Tank by leveraging or cultivating the Consultant’s and UNDP’s network.
  • Develop an event concept note (proposal) and related materials and propose them to the interested media companies, ideally in a language and format that they are used to.
  • Reach out to potential investors who will appear in the show as ‘Lions’ – ideally famous business figures, angels, local financial institutions, regional banks, and Japanese VCs/CVCs who have decision-making authority.
  • Devise the logistic plan for the show (venue, date/time, etc.)
  • Conduct a briefing meeting between the investors, the media company and UNDP, to prepare for the event, decide the event details, and check the formatting and flow of the event.
  • Provide general support on the event day.


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