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Enhancing Capacities of the Women's Support and Empowerment Affairs Office
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Deadline :15-Jun-23 @ 06:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :01-Jun-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-LBY-00095
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Introduction :

Background Information and Rationale 

In 2021, the Libyan Ministry of Local Government (MoLG) adopted a unified organizational structure of municipalities, better known as Resolution No.1500. This Resolution has been adopted to strengthen the decentralization and enhance the coordination between the municipalities, civil society, and the central government. The unified organizational structure of municipalities consists of five sets of divisions: (i) the municipal council and its affiliates; (ii) the mayor of the municipality; (iii) the city manager; (iv) ten departments; and (v) twelve offices. While a set of Articles has been developed to identify new local structures, their operationalization is pending. Therefore, UNDP Libya has been approached by the MoLG to support the implementation of Resolution No.1500.

Objectives and Scope of Work

Phase 1. Assessment, discussion and planning: covered under sub-articles 2,5,7 and 8 where economic, social and structural challenges to women empowerment and access to services would be discussed at municipality levels (2) through preparation of studies, data collection (8) and supported by workshops and capacity building trainings (7). Planning and activity monitoring will be facilitated by the establishment of a database highlighting economic and social challenges and opportunities for women at municipality level (5).

Phase 2. Monitoring: covered under sub-article 3 where possible local referral system mechanisms will be discussed with local authorities and MoLG to best support and redirect women inquiries at local level.

Phase 3. Communication and advocacy: covered under sub-articles 1, 9 and 13 where as a result of  the above phases, awareness and advocacy campaigns will be developed at local level (9). Safe spaces – or animated salons – would be offered on a regular basis to strengthen women network and discuss about common women integration challenges (13). Identified challenges would be then turned into draft policies to better support women social and economic integration and empowerment at local level (1).

Selected Women’s Support and Empowerment affairs sub-offices, Department of Community Development sub-offices, Municipalities and CSOs would actively participate in the below described set of capacity building training courses.

Municipalities targeted: Municipalities should be identified upon mapping assessment and in coordination with MoLG and UNDP.

The participatory approach under output 1 should be implemented across the country, while activities implementation under output 2 should be targeting ten municipalities in the South only. Municipalities will be agreed upon with the MoLG.

Beneficiaries: A minimum of 300 individuals should be targeted during the SoP participatory approach process (output1) ; while a minimum of 150 individuals should be targeted during the capacity building training courses (outcome 2). A special focus on Women led CSOs should be provided. 


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