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3.4.11 AgriHub Facility simple construction works- Republished
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Deadline :21-Jul-23 @ 12:00 PM (New York time)
Published on :29-Jun-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-HQ-00369
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Introduction :

UNDP is seeking to engage a Contractor for simple works and the refurbishment of the Pilot AgriHub Facility of the AgriBOOST Project in Butuan City, Philippines.

AgriBOOST is one of the winning initiatives of the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge. AgriBOOST is an agri-ecosystem innovation that boosts farmer capacities and catalyzes market forces for a sustainable, food-secure and vibrant community. AgriBOOST provides local farmers with information about food demand and business owners with a reliable, high-quality, and affordable supply of fresh vegetables. AgriBOOST has four components – AgriBloom, AgriMart, AgriHub and AgriBOOST Comms.

AgriHub is the “purchasing, processing and marketing station” of the AgriBOOST Project that will purchase select vegetables from farmers at fair and competitive prices, process these vegetables to maintain freshness and quality, and dispatch these vegetables to contracted market channels; thus, effectively making fresh and locally sourced vegetables accessible to consumers at lower prices.

AgriHub is envisioned to operate as a social and economic enterprise; managed and operated by a private AgriHub operator and overseen by the City Government of Butuan (CGB).

The Pilot AgriHub Facility is the city-owned van transport terminal facility located in Magsaysay St., Brgy. Langihan, Butuan City, Philippines with coordinates of 8.9575, 125.534722 (see Map 1). The terminal facility is situated at the heart of the trading route of agricultural products in the city and was previously used as a van transport terminal for inter-city public utility vehicles (PUVs) routes. Currently, some of its bays are partially used as tricycle terminals.


The transport terminal has an approximate land area 5,500 sq.m. which includes a parking area and stalls for shops. It is adjacent to the Langihan Police Station, roughly 100 meters East of the Langihan Public Market, roughly 150 meters South of the Tabuan Public Market, and roughly 170 meters Southwest of the Butuan Premium Bus Terminal.


The site is accessible via a well-paved cement road with medium to heavy traffic depending on the time of the day. There are no flooding or other environmental risks reported in the area.


The terminal facility is selected to be the Pilot AgriHub Facility because it is strategically located to major markets in the city. Further, hazards such as floods, fire and theft are also low in the area. In addition, only minimal works are needed to re-purpose the terminal facility to the Pilot AgriHub Facility.   


The terminal facility will be refurbished as the Pilot AgriHub Facility wherein vegetables delivered by farmers are received, washed, sorted, graded and packed for dispatching to pre-committed market channels. 

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