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Video Production Service for Food & Agricultural Commodity Systems Community
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :UNDP-R46 - PANAMA
Deadline :25-Nov-22 @ 03:00 PM (New York time)
Published on :08-Nov-22 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-R46-00034
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Introduction : The growing complexity of global food and agricultural commodity supply chains requires practitioners and changemakers to learn and embrace systems thinking, effective multistakeholder collaboration, and principles for good natural resources governance. The Food & Agricultural Commodity Systems Community provides the space to collaborate across geographies, solve complex problems, share knowledge, build capacity and convene stakeholders around these essential practices. The videos are envisaged to promote the mentioned above value-added of the Community of Practice and introduce current and future members to its Digital Platform. Two distinct video productions will be required: 

1) The provision of a brief promotional video to introduce the Community of Practice and its value-added; 
2) The provision of a brief demo/walkthrough video to introduce the main features of the Digital Platform. 

In 2010 UNDP launched the Green Commodities Programme (GCP) – currently known as Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems (FACS) Practise - to improve the national economic, social, and environmental performance of agricultural commodity sectors. The Programme works within agricultural commodity production in countries of UNDP operation where the programme can have significant impact on the livelihood of farmers and their communities and can protect high conservation value forests and important vulnerable ecosystems. Since 2014, the Green Commodity Community (GCC) - fulfilled pivotal learning through sharing, knowledge management and connectivity function towards the Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems (FACS), the Good Growth Partnership (GGP), the Food and Land Use Restauration (FOLUR) Programme of the World Bank and a growing number of other initiatives. Eight years after its creation the Green Commodities Community (GCC) is now rebranded to the FOOD & AGRICULTURAL COMMODITY SYSTEMS COMMUNITY.

In 2021 the Community launched its Digital Platform both in web and mobile versions. The platform provides a neutral and multilingual space for country practitioners, local leaders and global changemakers to shape, share and learn the progressive practices and innovative solutions which will transform food and agricultural commodity systems. The Community offers a range of services to its members that allow them, among other things, to collaborate with their project stakeholders, take part in learning events, receive coaching, access guidance documents, find answers from peers & experts about specific innovative solutions & tools, grow their networks, meet at global in-person & virtual events etc. Today the community counts 300 members from 17 countries working on 8 food and agricultural commodities, and is planning to double its size by 2025 and expand its geographical and commodities portfolio.
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