8.3.9 Supervision of Construction/Installation/Operationalization Cold Rooms

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UNDP is seeking to engage a company to support the implementation of the Rourkela Cold Room project of Rourkela Municipal Corporation. The project aims to address the high rates of difficult conditions experienced by street vendors, including exposure to extreme weather, multiple drivers of cost that reduce the viability of low-volume production as well as a marketplace void of clear market signals.

Led by the Rourkela Municipal Corporation in cooperation with UNDP, the Rourkela Cold room project will deliver an integrated model with both technological and economic innovation that seeks to build these required conditions for vendors (and other people reliant on the market) by: 

a) Building cold-storage units in outdoor marketplaces, providing farmers with short-term solutions to address the weather conditions and respond to high-volume harvests that have no storage space to be conserved harvest;

b) Creating a link between farmers and the market of buyers, providing increased stability in the sale price and volume capacity;

c) Building the capability of Women’s Self-Help Groups (SHGs) to operate these cold rooms, and as a consequence, build stable income for vulnerable women and their families.


The project will comprise five solar-powered cold room sites operated by Women's Self-Help Groups (herein after SHGs). Each of the cold rooms will include the following assets:

  • a cold storage room for keeping vegetables for farmers and vendors (beneficiaries).
  • a solar power system to provide clean energy for cold room operations.
  • a common facilitation center for selling vegetables and other SHGs products.
  • two electric rickshaws for transporting vegetables to bulk buyer institutions.


UNDP is seeking a company to:

1. Review all the documentation produced by previous providers and replicate the services/works for sites 2-5.

2. Supervise the preparatory construction work for sites 2-5.

3. Prepare and supervise the master implementation plan in conjunction with different suppliers.

4. Operationalize and run four cold storage rooms (sites 2 to 5) under the Rourkela Cold Rooms project and support the operations of the completed cold room (site 1) at the Traffic Gate Market.

5. Mobilize and train Women’s Self-Help Groups (SHG) to run the cold storage room (Sites 2-5).

6. Mobilize market vendors and farmers to trade through all the cold storage rooms.

7. Establishing further market linkage opportunities and learnings on how to scale this project effectively.

8. Commissioning of the complete functional sites 2-5 to the Rourkela Municipal Corporation (RMC).


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