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Rehabilitation And Upgrading Of Water Supply Systems In Quissanga Cabo Delgado
Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Deadline :20-Sep-23 @ 07:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :11-Aug-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-MOZ-00178,2
Contact :UNDP Mozambique Pemba Sub-Office -

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Introduction :

Scope of Work:

Rehabilitation And Upgrading Of Water Supply Systems In Quissanga District, Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique

Lot 1 Upgrading Quilite Water Intake and Rehabilitation of Quissanga and Tandanhangue Systems

Lot 2 Construction of Pressure Towers in 8 Communities in Quissanga

Lot 3 Construction of water Reticulation Pipelines for 8 Communities in Quissanga

Lot 4 Rehabilitation of Bilibiza Water Supply System in Quissanga

A.     Introduction

 Quissanga District, with the district headquarter located about 120km North of Pemba, has been completely ravaged by terrorists in the recent pasts which has destroyed many of the Public and private infrastructures including water and sanitation facilities and has deeply impoverished the life of the people in the community.

Inadequate access to safe water supply and sanitation facilities is a presently a major and key factor contributing to the poor quality of life of the people in this area. Improved access to good quality and quantity water in the areas will be a major determinant of their basic development and well-being.

Quissanga District inhabitants are currently abstracting their water supply from informal and non-approved sources, and few existing water springs and manual boreholes donated by various non-governmental organization in the past. Nevertheless, these supplies are far too low to meet the demand of the people.

The UNDP Mozambique has taken it upon themselves the responsibility of supporting the people of Quissanga District by implementing the water supply initiatives directly from the planning stage to the construction level and handing over safe portable water to the population. 

Based on previous and present studies and investigation carried in the district, it is found that there is adequate groundwater sources in Quilite, a small town, located alongside Rio Quilite. Three (3) boreholes were drilled along this River Quilite while a semi-buried tank and a PT was also installed to provide energy/alimental for the water supply.

A major conducting primary pipeline (adutora) of dimension 250mm diameter class 12 PVC was also sued to transmit water from the boreholes camp in Quilite to the existing semi-buried tank in Quissanga. Along the pipelines, it is expected to connect several PVC pipes of minor diameters to the main pipeline (adutora) to be able to transmit water to the various communities along the Quilite -Quissanga mainline through the Rehabilitation/Construction of community reticulation lines.

 To execute the various water supply project in the district, the activities are divided into 3 phases/lots as shown below: 

1.      Upgrading of Quilite water Source and rehabilitation of water supply to Quissanga and Tandanhangue Communities – Lot I

2.      Construction of Concrete Pressure Towers in Eight (8) communties – Lot II

3.      Construction of Water Reticulation Systems in Eight Communities – Lot III

4.      Rehabilitation of Bilibiza Water Supply System – Lot IV

This particular exercise will involve activities in Lot III above. 

B.     Project Objectives 

The main objective of this project is to improve the water supply to the community by constructing water supply systems that are resilient, durable and will be able to meet the demand of the people for a very period at a minimum of 20 years horizon.  

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Amendment : All potential interested bidders are hereby notified that: This Addendum is issued with the purpose to amend UNDP-MOZ-00178, dated 13 September 2023 as follows. Please find attached the "QA for the site visit and Pre-Bid Meeting Quissanga Water Project" document. This document contains the list of questions and answers from bidders who attended the site visit and the pre-bid meeting. We kindly request all interested bidders to acknowledge this amendment and take into account the significance of the raised questions and answers when submitting their bids.. The interested bidders are kindly requested to adhere to the above instructions and submit their bids accordingly before the deadline. This Addendum 02 forms an integral part of the UNDP-MOZ-00178. All other Terms and Conditions in this ITB will remain unchanged.
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