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Rehabilitation of Agriculture Warehouses in Tellafer-Ninawa Governorate Iraq
Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Deadline :28-Nov-22 @ 06:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :14-Nov-22 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-IRQ-00074
Contact :Mazen Sarieddine -

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Introduction :



a)   Project description: This project to support the agriculture field in west of Ninawa includes two warehouses used for storing and distribution agriculture seasonable seeds (excluded wheat and barley), fertilizer, pesticides, proteins, irrigation systems, plowing, seeding, harvesting machinery. End user is Iraqi Ministry of agriculture, general company for agriculture products. 

b)   Direct and indirect beneficiaries:

•    Direct beneficiaries: 20 employees in Tellafer, with 80 employees supporting in Ninawa.

•    Indirect beneficiaries: total beneficiaries are 70,000 farmers in west Ninawa (Rabea, Sinjar, Sinuni, Zummar, Telafar, and Baaj), 52% female, 48% male.

c)   Impact and how it will be measured (quantitative measures):

I.   These warehouses will supply all west Ninawa with all their agriculture essential components by offering better support and quicker service minimizing the transportation distance from Mosul city to Tellafer city, which leads lower expenses and higher incomes.

II.  Providing a good condition store for agriculture seasonable seeds (excluded wheat and barley), fertilizer, pesticides, proteins, irrigation systems, plowing, seeding, harvesting machinery free of moisture that may develop bacteria, mold, or fungi and away of sun light to maintain the quality of stored materials.

III. Enhance all west Ninawa stabilization process by reinforce farmers efforts to get better results that leads to better financial income.

2.   LOCATION: Warehouses located in Telafar city (36.390147,42.482320).


     Project includes Two warehouses L48xW18xH5m and L30xW18xH5m built as concrete separated footing foundation and steel structure with corrugated sheet cover and exterior masonry walls and concrete floors.


     Project warehouses completely demolished by air strikes during ISIL controlling Ninawa specifically in 2015.

5.   WORKS ON BRIEF: The rehabilitation work includes civil, sanitary, and electrical works.

a)   The civil part of the works includes but not limited to demolition all damaged parts of warehouses, excavation the old foundation and recast concrete for new ones with exterior walls footing, installation of steel structure includes columns and roof structure then installation of corrugated sheet for roof cover, including interior and exterior concrete work for floor and exterior and interior cement plastering with plastic paint with installation of main gate and PVC windows and rehabilitation and supply furniture to of Admin building that includes interior gypsum plastering and interior cement plastering work with plastic paint with roof joints repair as indicated on the BoQ.

b)   The sanitary works includes but not limited to supplying and installing water tanks, sewage pipes, PPR pipeline, eastern toilet, taps and all toilet needs as indicated on the BoQ.

c)   The electrical works includes but not limited supplying and installing electrical fixtures outlets and lighting with industrial exhaust fans and power supply cables as indicated on the BoQ.

6.   Duration of Project 150 Calendar days

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