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National Consultant - Strategic Management
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Deadline :29-Mar-16
Posted on :21-Mar-16
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No later than 29 March 2016.

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The Higher Council for Youth (HCY), and the Youth and Sports Fund (YSF) as its financial arm, are envisioned as flexible entities that have the mandate to plan and execute programs targeting youth development in Jordan.

The Higher Council for Youth replaced the previous Ministry of Youth in 2001 and is responsible for regulating and managing youth policies and programmes, youth clubs, organizations and youth centers, aiming at making them more impactful and effectual.

Youth Centers and Youth Clubs spread all over the Kingdom are one of the biggest assets of the Council and the Fund. They represent a good infrastructure and delivery network. The HCY runs 182 Youth Centers (103 for males and 79 for females). These Centers exist in all thirteen governorates, each of which has a Youth Directorate reporting to the Council, and responsible for the network of Centers as well as for the sports venues and youth camps. Furthermore, it runs 5 Sport Cities, 18 Sport Complexes, 5 Youth Camps and 10 Youth Houses.

As the (HCY) and the (YSF) are finalizing the second phase of the National Youth Strategy for 2016-2018 and its Implementation Plan, an Advisory and Management Unit (AMU) was created under “Supporting the Formulation, Finalization, and Implementation of the Youth Strategy and Promoting Real Youth Engagement and Participation” project  to coordinate and assist in managing the implementation. In order to guarantee successful implementation, there is a need for enabling staff in implementing the Strategy, through building their capacity on strategic planning.