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*e-Tendering: RFP - Baseline Study Supporting PA Reform through GRF
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :07-Sep-16
Posted on :11-Aug-16
Development Area :SERVICES  SERVICES
Reference Number :32023
Link to Atlas Project :
00060981 - Governance Reform Fund (GRF)
Documents :
Instruction Manual for Bidders
FAQ for Bidders
Pre-bid minutes
Overview :

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereby invites you to submit a Proposal to the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Baseline Study – Supporting Public Administration Reform through the Governance Reform Fund. Detailed Terms of Reference as well as other requirements are listed in the RFP available on UNDP ATLAS e-Tendering system” ( UNDP/GEO10/Event ID: 0000000872.

Your offer, comprising of a Technical and Financial Proposal, should be submitted in accordance with Section 2 – Data Sheet, through UNDP ATLAS e-Tendering system and by the deadline indicated in

NOTE!: The Financial Proposal and the Technical Proposal files MUST BE COMPLETELY SEPARATE and uploaded separately in the system and clearly named as either “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” or “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL”, as appropriate. Each document shall include the Proposer’s name and address. The file with the “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” must be encrypted with a password so that it cannot be opened nor viewed until the Proposal has been found to pass the technical evaluation stage. Once a Proposal has been found to be responsive by passing the technical evaluation stage, UNDP shall request the Proposer to submit the password to open the Financial Proposal. The Proposer shall assume the responsibility for not encrypting the financial proposal. NOTE: Do not enter proposal price in the system, instead enter one.

In the course of preparing and submitting your Proposal, it shall remain your responsibility to ensure that proposals are submitted into the system by the deadline. The system will automatically block and not accept any bid after the deadline. Please remember the Bid submission deadline is as indicated in the system. In case of any discrepancies deadline indicated in the system shall prevail.

Kindly ensure that supporting documents required are signed and stamped and in the .pdf format, and free from any virus or corrupted files. NOTE!: The File name should contain only Latin characters (No Cyrillic or other alphabets).

You are kindly requested to indicate whether your company intends to submit a Proposal by clicking on “Accept Invitation” button no later than August 23, 2016. If that is not the case, UNDP would appreciate your indicating the reason, for our records. 

If you have not registered in the system before, you can register now by logging in using

username: event.guest

password: why2change

The step by step instructions for registration of bidders and quotation submission through the UNDP ATLAS e-Tendering system is available in the “Instructions Manual for the Bidders”, attached. Should you require any training on the UNDP ATLAS e-Tendering system or face with any difficulties when registering your company or submitting your quotation, please send an email to cc:

The bidders are advised to use Internet Explorer (Version 10 or above) to avoid any compatibility issues with the e-tendering system. 

No hard copy or email submissions will be accepted by UNDP.

UNDP looks forward to receiving your Proposal and thanks you in advance for your interest in UNDP procurement opportunities.