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RFP/MAR17/006 Services for Micro assessment and spot checks of implementing partners to be conducted by Third Party
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country Office - MAURITIUS
Deadline :04-Dec-17
Posted on :09-Nov-17
Development Area :SERVICES  SERVICES
Reference Number :42266
Link to Atlas Project :
00060842 - Removal of Barriers to Solar PV Power Generation MRU
Documents :
RFPMAR2017-006 Hact MMicro Spot Checks signed
RFP_Microassessment_spot checks_6.11.2017
Forms RFP_Microassessment_spot checks_6.11.2017
Extension of Deadline RFPMAR2017-006 HACT Micro 24.11.2017
Q A RFPMAR2017-006 HACT Micro 24.11.2017
Q A RFPMAR2017-006 HACT Micro Rev1 1.12.2017
Overview :

The purpose of this LTA is to identify local service provider(s) to provide professional services to UNDP Mauritius and Seychelles  (1) Micro Assessment and (2) Spot Checks

Objective and scope of the micro assessment

The micro assessment is performed by a service provider and includes a site visit to the IP. The assessment primarily consists of interviews with IP personnel and a review of relevant documentation sufficient to complete the micro assessment questionnaire (Annex 2). The questionnaire provides an overall risk rating based on responses provided:

  • Low risk
  • Medium Risk
  • Significant Risk
  • High Risk

The micro assessment assesses the IP’s financial management capacity (i.e. accounting, procurement, reporting, internal controls, etc.) to determine the overall risk rating and assurance activities.

Spot Checks

This TOR was developed to guide United Nations agencies, service providers and IPs through the objectives, scope, timeline and deliverables of the requested agreed‑upon procedures engagement. (See Annex 1 for programme-specific information)

Purpose of Agreed‑upon Procedures Engagements

An agreed‑upon procedures attest engagement involves engagement of the service provider to prepare a report on factual findings based on specific, agreed‑upon procedures performed. As the service provider is engaged to report on findings of the agreed‑upon procedures, no assurance is expressed. Instead, users of the report assess for themselves the procedures and findings reported by the service provider and draw their own conclusions. The report is restricted to parties that have agreed to the procedures to be performed, since others, unaware of the reasons for the procedures, may misinterpret the results.

The attestation engagement should be conducted in accordance with ISRS 4400, Agreed‑upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information.

Scope of the Spot Check Agreed‑upon Procedures Engagement

Spot checks are performed to assess the accuracy of financial records for cash transfers to IPs and whether there have been any significant changes to applicable internal controls. The spot check is not an audit.

Deadline for Submission : 27 November 2017 at 16:00hrs (Mauritius Local Time)

24.11.2017 - Extension of Deadline and Queries/ Answers Enclosed

Extension of Deadline for Submission: 4 December 2017 at 16:00hrs (Mauritius Local Time)

01.12.2017 -  Queries/ Answers Revision 1 Enclosed