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RFPMAR2018/002 Consultancy Services for Strengthening MPA Management
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Mauritius - MAURITIUS
Deadline :21-Jun-18
Posted on :17-Apr-18
Reference Number :45603
Link to Atlas Project :
00090446 - Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the management of CZM
Documents :
RFP Component 2 RFPMAR2018 002 Letter of Invitation
RFP Component 2 RFPMAR2018 002 Section 3 TOR
RFP Component 2 RFPMAR2018 002 Data Sheet
RFP Component 2 RFPMAR2018 002 Section 2-9
Annex 1a-Section 8-Contract Template for Goods andor Services
Annex 1b-General Terms and Conditions for Contracts
Templates-Annex 2-6
Pre-bid Meeting Minutes RFPMAR2018 002 (18May18)
Overview :

4RFPMAR2018/002 for Consultancy Services for Strengthening MPA Management of Project ID: 00096201 & Award ID: 00090446

GEF Funded Project 'Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the Management of the Coastal Zone in the Republic of Mauritius'

The objective of the project is to mainstream the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services into coastal zone management and into the operations and policies of the tourism and physical development sectors in the Republic of Mauritius through a ‘land- and seascape wide’ integrated management approach based on the Environmental Sensitive Areas’ (ESAs) inventory and assessment. More specifically, the project will achieve this through a three-pronged approach: (1) support the incorporation of ESA recommendations into policies and enforceable regulations pertaining to integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), thereby mitigating threats to biodiversity and ecosystem functions and resilience with a special focus on tourism and physical development in the coastal zone; (2) support the effective management of marine protected areas (MPAs) across the RM, given that they contain an important proportion of critically sensitive ESAs; and (3) demonstrate mechanisms to arrest land degradation in sensitive locations, focusing on reducing coastal erosion and sedimentation and helping to restore ecosystem functions in key wetland areas. 

The TOR consist of five lots:

    • Lot 1 - Consultancy services to carry out economic evaluations of coastal and marine ecosystems for Rodrigues and one District (Black River) in Mauritius, two MPAs (SEMPA and Blue Bay) and the northern coastal wetlands
    • Lot 2 - Analysis of the institutional and governance arrangement for MPA management in the Republic of Mauritius
    • Lot 3 - Development of an investment framework and financing strategy to realise the values and benefits of MPAs, and increase the financing flows to MPAs
    • Lot 4 - Development of management plan for six fishing reserves and a Lagoon Rehabilitation Plan in Mauritius
    • Lot 5 - Develop operational and business plans for SEMPA, Rodrigues and introduce regular assessments of management effectiveness, using recognised methodologies and guidelines

    Offers are invited before 21 June 2018 at 10:00hrs (Mauritius Local Time). (Deadline extended for submission)

    Deadline for submitting requests for clarifications/ questions is 16 May 2018.

    A pre-proposal conference will be held on 18 May 2018 at 10.00 hrs Mauritius Local Time.

    Contact Details for submitting clarifications/questions are (i) Nishi Sewsurn, OM a.i./Procurement Assistant; and copy to (ii) Parmananda Ragen, Project Manager / Sameer Khudaroo, Programme Assistant.  E-mail address: and /


    No. of copies of Proposal that must be submitted to:

    UNDP Mauritius and Seychelles Country Office

    6th Floor, Anglo Mauritius House

    Intendance Street

    P.O Box 253

    Port Louis


    Attention: The Head of Procurement Unit

    The outer envelope should indicate the reference and the title as below: RFPMAR2018/002  Consultancy Services for Strengthening MPA Management

    Original: One (1) Hard Copy (Financial Proposal and Technical Proposal Envelopes must be completely separate and each must be sealed.)

    Copies: 1 USB or 1 CD

    Proposals should be submitted in soft copy in file sizes not exceeding 5 MB.

    1. One CD/USB for Technical Proposals and one CD/USB for Financial Proposals in their separate sealed envelopes. The CDs/USB shall be clearly labelled with the name of project, title of Consultancy services, and name of bidder.
    2. Financial Proposal and Technical Proposal Envelopes must be completely separate and each must be sealed.
    3. Each envelope shall be clearly labelled “RFPMAR2018/002- Consultancy Services for Strengthening MPA Management  Lot 1 and/or Lot 2 and/or Lot 3  and/or Lot 4 and/or Lot 5 Project ID: 00096201 & Award ID: 00090446” and name of bidder.

    Note if the envelopes are not sealed and marked, the procuring UNDP entity will not assume responsibility for the Proposal’s misplacement or premature opening.

    Minutes of Pre-proposal conference of  18 May 2018  is enclosed.

    Extension of Deadline:  21 June 2018 at 10:00hrs (Mauritius Local Time).