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Innovation Camps coordinators
Procurement Process :Other
Office :Somalia - SOMALIA
Deadline :17-Jul-18
Posted on :03-Jul-18
Reference Number :47703
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00104196 - Innovative durable solutions for IDPs and returnees
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Innovation Camp coordinators- Revision 1
Overview :


Innovation for development is about identifying more effective solutions that add value for the people affected by development challenges – people and their governments, our users and clients. For example, new approaches include setting up innovation labs with governments to re-design public service delivery; embracing data innovation to implement and monitor the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); exploring emerging and alternative sources of financing to deepen and diversify the resourcing and implementation of the SDGs, from social impact bonds to pay-for-success and crowdfunding avenues or using behavioral insights to facilitate policy-making.

The National Development Plan in Somalia set the bar high – aiming to realize an ambitious set of development objectives in a three-year period. Major problems continue to bedevil the economic and development front. For example, high youth unemployment, weak development of business in the agriculture sectors (fisheries, farming, livestock), unsustainable forest and water management, very large numbers of IDPs coming to the urban centers and limited public service provision. The traditional ways of working will not be sufficient to realize the NDP objectives nor to achieve the Agenda 2030 principle of “leaving no one behind.” Innovative approaches are needed to turn these challenges into serious social and economic ventures that can make a positive impact that ripples across the country, including for those most marginalized and at risk, like low-income women, youth, and IDPs.


UNDP Somalia in collaboration with the Federal Government of Somalia Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development and the Ministry of Trade and Industry launched the “Innovate for Somalia” project in July 2017 and successfully organized the first ever Social Innovation Camp in Somalia in September 2017. This present project builds upon the lessons learnt during the I4D pilot activities undertaken through the UNDP capacity development programme, while further strengthening the initial approach, the project seeks to tap into the potential of all sectors of Somali society to innovate and design solutions that will help address the development challenges the country is facing.





UNDP Somalia is seeking the support of five coordinators in the design, facilitation, implementation and monitoring of youth-related social innovation initiatives, including social innovation camps, hackathons, open innovation challenges and innovation-focused capacity building programs, under the overall guidance and supervision of the Innovation Specialist.

Innovate for Somalia aims to design, test and pilot several innovation approaches and activities.

Expected outputs and Deliverables:

The Innovation Camps coordinator will support the design and implementation of the ‘Innovate Somalia’ programme which covers the followings:

1. Coordinate, monitor and execute the planning and implementation of the I4S activities, as assigned by the Innovation Specialist;

2. Organize, facilitate and implement events, workshops and conferences relevant to I4S;

3. Research and select global innovation trends and methodologies to be explored, implemented and scaled through the I4S;

4. Draft and finalize concept notes, proposals and project documents relevant to the Innovation 4 Development

5. Prepare progress reports and evaluations of the I4S activities as needed;

6. Lead design of open innovation challenges

7. Provide capacity building for the existing team/ young social innovators to carry out future social innovation programmes/ activities

8. Coordinate the follow up activities after the Innovation camps

9. Ensure lessons learnt feed back into future programme design.         

10. Provide other support and assistance as required.


The innovation camps will fall into the following categories:

Category (A)

Small size innovation camp (6 Days) preparation 4 Days (Max) + follow up 5 days (Max)

Category (B)

Medium size Innovation Camp (12 Days) + preparation 6 Days (Max) + follow up 7 Days (Max)

Category (C)

Open innovation challenge (21 Days) + Preparation 10 Days (Max) + Follow up 15 Days (Max)

Concept notes / report max (4 Days)


Depending on the Project document / Applications, the time taken to accomplish the tasks will be as follows:

Up to $500,000.00-  10 days (Maximum)

$500,000.00 to $2,000,000.00- 20 Days (Maximum)

Above $2,000,000.00- 30 Days (Maximum)

Mentoring / coaching project staff / entrepreneurs (per hour – Day (8 Hours).