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BBRSO79376: National Project Assistant - Dominica
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :UNDP Barbados & the OECS - DOMINICA
Deadline :26-Aug-19
Posted on :19-Aug-19
Reference Number :58380
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00088096 - Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership
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Caribbean countries share similar economic and sustainable development challenges, including a small population, remoteness, susceptibility to natural disasters, and most importantly, vulnerability to climate change. Given the current condition of the marine environment, most coastal areas have few defenses against the raging surfs of hurricanes and tropical storms, and the likely consequences would be significant coastal damage including beach erosion and infrastructure damage. Negative impacts associated to climate change on land, water resources and biodiversity have also been predicted, and ultimately, tourism and agriculture will be negatively impacted by these changes. Meanwhile, Caribbean countries emit such relatively small amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, which mean that they will suffer disproportionately from the impacts of climate change.

The Government of Japan has been one of leading donors in the target of climate change. Japan has delivered development assistance total of $17.6 billion to vulnerable countries from October 2009 to December 2012 for mitigation and adaptation. The Government of Japan intends to continue its assistance in this area to create enabling environment with a view to formulate a new framework applicable to all Parties by COP 21 in 2015. Especially, the Government of Japan sees it important to assist Small Islands Developing States (SIDS), and in this context, is interested in establishing a new regional assistance programme for Caribbean and/or CARICOM in the area of climate change under the framework of the Partnership for Peace, Development and Prosperity between Japan and the Member States of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)1.

The Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership aims to support the implementation of actual technology that is both low-emission and advances climate risk management, including demonstration in the target countries. To this end, five demonstration projects are planned for Dominica which are tailored to meet the specific needs and vulnerabilities with local communities. Specifically, the services will support the J-CCCP Project Management Unit by facilitating administrative and monitoring and reporting functions required to ensure successful finalisation of the ongoing initiatives for Dominica.