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EOI JOF Nº 1134/2019.
Procurement Process :EOI - Expression of interest
Office :UNDP Brazil Country Office - BRAZIL
Deadline :11-Sep-19
Posted on :29-Aug-19
Development Area :HEALTH  HEALTH
Reference Number :58833
Link to Atlas Project :
00098088 - BRA/17/018 - Saúde no Haiti
Overview :


Beneficiary Country: Brazil

Reference: EOI Nº JOF 1134/2019

UNDP Project: BRA/17/018 – Strengthening of Haiti Health Management Services

Description: Lean System Implementation in Haiti Hospitals

Final date for receipt of expression of interest: September 11th, 2019


The United Nations Development Programme - UNDP Brazil calls potential companies to express their interest in the upcoming procurement process as follows:

General Objectives and Scope: Management Improvement of Haiti hospitals (Mrs. Zilda Arans, Mr. Ary Bordes, Dr.Raoul Pierre, La Paix University Hospital and Elizar Germain Hospital) by implementing the Lean system focused on waste elimination and workflow improvement and efficient care aiming  to enhance patient and employee satisfaction.

Specific Objectives: The project foresees the development of a tool focusing on waste elimination, reduction in service queues and optimization of hospitals procedures and workflow of following hospitals:  Mrs. Zilda Arns, Mr. Ary Bordes, Dr. Raoul Pierre, La Paix University Hospitals and Elizar Germain Hospital, located in Haiti. The following stages will be considered:

• Raise Operational Diagnosis (Capacity X Demand) in hospital care services - Determination of potential performance;

• Mapping of Value Flows - Current Situation - Future Forecast;

• Implement Basic Measurement system to assist in Project development and future benchmarking;

• Lean methodology implementation;

• Sensibilization and commitment of Senior Management / Operational Staff and Project Coordinators, nominated by the Organization, considering that commitment to Lean implementation starts at the top of the organization and the entire team should be involved in the redesign of processes in order to improve the work process and flows reengineering;

• Training the professionals involved in the projects;

• Monitor the implementation of the Project tool in the 5 Haitian hospitals; and

• Certify the professionals involved in the project;

Special conditions and Additional Information

The hospitals Mrs. Zilda Arns, Mr. Ary Bordes, Dr. Raoul Pierre, located in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince -  Haiti, were built in 2010 by the Brazilian government, all in the format of Emergency Care Unit - UPA, with 50, 48 and 46 beds respectively and with surgical blocks for minor procedures. These 3 hospitals do not have a system for collecting daily care information, and it is difficult to present statistics of procedures performed.

The Hospital Mrs. Zilda Arns is located in Bon Repos with a population of approximately 400,000. The Hospital Dr. Ary Bordes Hospital is located in Croix de Bouquet, with a population of approximately 250,000. And the Dr. Raoul Pierre Hospital, established in the Comuna Municipality, Carrefour, with approximately 500,000 inhabitants.

The Hospitals La Paix University and Elizar Germain are conventional hospitals, built by the Haitian Government, located in the capital Port-au-Prince, providing a great number of medical procedures.

It is important to mention that the official languages ​​used in daily care at the 5 Haitian hospitals are Creole and French.

Potential Providers

In order to be considered a potential supplier, the company must submit an expression of interest including the following information:

  • Short presentation of the institution, including number of employees, business years, turnover, etc.
  • List of qualifications demonstrating their ability to participate in the future bidding process including information about previous experiences related to the above-mentioned object.
  • Contact information (Social reason, full address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address and website link, contact person).
  • Indication of possible participation in joint ventures, with indication of areas and companies to be involved in those ventures.           

The expression of interest accompanied by supporting documents shall be delivered to the address below (Casa da ONU) by 11th September 2019. Alternatively, the expression of interest may be sent to, please indicate the Reference Number Expression of Interest JOF Nº 1134/2019 in the submission.

This Expression of Interest Notice does not constitute a Proposal Request. No further details or information about the request may be made available prior to the issuing of the Public Notice.

The submission of an Expression of Interest does not automatically guarantee the inclusion of the institution in the future bidding process. 

In case of doubt, questions may be sent to during the period foreseen for the Expression of Interest, and the demand will be assessed.

Contact information:

Casa das Nações Unidas  

JOF - Joint Operations Facility

Ref: EOI JOF nº 1134/2019

Setor de Embaixadas Norte, Quadra 802, Conjunto C, Lote 17

Complexo Sergio Vieira de Mello, Módulo I, Prédio Zilda Arns, Salas 117 a 123

CEP 70800-400 – Brasília, DF - Brasil