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[Re-advertise] T190902 - An International Consultant and 8 national consultants for developing a synthesis report on the potential contributions of the blue economy to the socio-economic development of Viet Nam
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Office :UNDP Country Office - VIET NAM
Deadline :21-Oct-19
Posted on :07-Oct-19
Reference Number :59908
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UNDP Vietnam is seeking for an International Consultant and 8 national consultants for developing a synthesis report on the potential contributions of the blue economy to the socio-economic development of Viet Nam.

Viet Nam is a marine country, and its rich history, traditions, culture, and process of building and defense have always been closely associated with the sea. Viet Nam has a long coastline of over 3,260 km (excluding islands), and its exclusive marine economic zone, at approximately 1 million km2, is almost three times as large as its land  territory. Its waters are diverse, and each type of natural resource and ecosystem plays a unique role in the sustainable development and protection of Viet Nam’s marine environment.

The concept of a “blue economy” came out of the 2012 Rio+20 Conference and emphasizes conservation and sustainable management, based on the premise that healthy ocean ecosystems are more productive and form a vital basis for sustainable ocean-based economies (UN DESA 2014a). The blue economy concept seeks to promote economic growth, social inclusion, and the preservation or improvement of livelihoods while at the same time ensuring environmental sustainability of the oceans and coastal areas. It aims to move beyond business as usual and to consider economic development and ocean health as compatible propositions.

The blue economy has diverse components, including established traditional ocean industries such as fisheries, tourism, and maritime transport, but also new and emerging activities, such as offshore renewable energy, aquaculture, seabed extractive activities, and marine biotechnology and bioprospecting.

The worldwide ocean economy is valued at around US 1.5 trillion per year. For example, aquaculture is the fastest growing food sector and provide about 50% of the fish for human consumption, while 350 million jobs world-wide are linked to fisheries. (Commonwealth).

The East Sea holds significant importance to Viet Nam’s strategic geography, economy, and natural resources. Cross-border environmental pollution, climate change, and sea level rise have become urgent global problems. Sustainable development and the goal of harmony between development and marine conservation have become major trends. Globalization and the revolution of science and technology have created many opportunities and challenges.

Within Viet Nam, macroeconomic stability, sustainable development, adaptation to climate change and sea level rise, security, and social safety present great difficulties and challenges.

In order to realize the objectives of the Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Marine Economy of Viet Nam Until 2030, Vision to 2045, as well as to assist Viet Nam in meeting its stated goals on socio-economic development and sustainable use and protection of marine resources, UNDP is looking for a team of one (01) International Consultant (IC) and eight (08) National Consultants (NC) to develop a synthesis report on the potential contributions of the blue economy to the socio-economic development of Viet Nam.

The synthesis report should be between 50 to 70 pages and will be w a policy paper written by the IC/Team Leader with assistance from NC1 and will include a concise executive summary of no more than 10 key recommendations and strategies taken from the 07 in-depth thematic technical reports to be conducted by  NCs 1 through 7, each in specific thematic area. It will be complemented with a 5-page policy paper based the findings of the synthesis report.

While it is not the focus of this assignment, this first round of reports will help to set a foundation in place for a long-term regular review that takes into consideration the impact of the blue economy on each of the highlighted sectors by contributing to a better awareness of the challenges and opportunities presented by the blue economy in Viet Nam.

Procurement Notice with enclosed TOR and evaluation criteria are in the attached files.

Interested offerors are invited to submit CVs, financial proposals and other information following guidance in the Procurement Notice to:

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UNDP will not be responsible for the missing of proposal if the bidder does not send notification email to above address.

Deadline for submission: 23.59, 21 October 2019 (Hanoi time)