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Climate Smart Aquaculture
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Office :Malawi Country Office - MALAWI
Deadline :11-Nov-19
Posted on :01-Nov-19
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Climate Smart Aquaculture
Overview :

Fisheries and aquaculture provide essential nutrition, support livelihoods and contribute to national development in Malawi. Fish and fish products provides over 70 per cent of the dietary animal protein intake of Malawians and 40 per cent of the total protein supply. However, the sector is facing significant challenges in maintaining its crucial contribution to these areas. Population pressure on land has resulted in environmental degradation that has consequently reduced benefits that the population derives from the environment (ecosystem services) as shown by reduced stream flows, and decline or extinction of some fish species, among other challenges (GoM, 2017).

To achieve the desired food security and national fisheries development goal in the face of population growth, environmental degradation and climate change, the adoption of climate smart aquaculture which is an adaptation to climate change will be necessary. The growing interest in aquaculture investment provides an impetus to sustained fish production for local and export markets (GoM, 2016).

The main objective of this assignment is to develop a toolkit for climate smart aquaculture to take into consideration the current and future aquaculture landscape in terms of species cultured and the prospects for sustainable production and consumption. The toolkit shall be used as a response to Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries and Aquaculture, making use of the synergies and trade-offs which exist between SDGs 14 and 15.