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Project ID - 00087614 - Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) Specialist to support the Joint Management Area (JMA) Demonstration Project Marine Spatial Planning Phase II process
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - MAURITIUS
Deadline :20-Dec-19
Posted on :08-Dec-19
Reference Number :61941
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00087614 - Joint Management Area Demonstration Project (MUS & SEY)
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Annex B-Model Contract _IC
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Overview :

Project ID - 00087614

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) Specialist to support the Joint Management Area (JMA) Demonstration Project Marine Spatial Planning Phase II process


The Joint Management Area (JMA) covers an area of 396,000 sq. km extending seaward to the east beyond the existing exclusive economic zones of both Mauritius and Seychelles The JMA represents the first cooperatively managed area of extended continental shelf (ECS) to be adopted by the international community and is also the world’s largest jointly managed maritime zone. The creation of the JMA thus represents a ground-breaking precedent for cooperative management of the ocean, placing the JMA in a ‘cutting-edge’ position to take the lead in piloting new mechanisms and strategies for future ECS management.

Recognizing that this represents the first ‘transboundary’ management agreement for an ECS scenario, UNDP is supporting the GEF funded UNDP-JMA demonstration project being implemented by the Governments of Mauritius and Seychelles.

The project is worth 2.2 M USD and is being implemented over four years (2018 to 2021). The JMA Demonstration project is assisting Seychelles and Mauritius in the development and demonstration of new management approaches for such extended continental shelf areas which can provide lessons and management techniques which can be replicated both within the western Indian Ocean as well as other similar maritime zones globally.


The UNDP JMA Demonstration Project aims at achieving its objectives through the delivery of four components.

  1. Building Technical and Management Capacity in support of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and effective management of the Joint Management Area.
  2. Development of a data and information system along with a Programme of data capture and gap-filling as a foundation for an adaptive management strategy.
  3. Elaboration and implementation of a Marine Spatial Planning approach with the objective of improving and implementing effective decision-making for activities within the Joint Management Area.
  4. Monitoring, Evaluation, Adaptive Feedback and Sustainability using UNDP and GEF tracking tool for both annual progress and terminal evaluation.

Component 3 of the JMA demonstration project aims to develop a marine spatial planning (MSP) process that can form the basis for an agreed management strategy, with adopted decision-making and adaptive management mechanisms. This will be supported by efforts to:

  • build technical and management capacity that can undertake and maintain a marine spatial planning process;
  • provide support and assistance in developing an appropriate and effective data storage and management system to support MSP activities; and
  • provide support in respect of four (4) Technical Working Groups namely, Stakeholders Reference, MSP, Legal & Policy and Data.

Duty Station: Port Louis, Mauritius

Office Location: Department for Continental Shelf, Maritime Zones Administration and Exploration (CSMZAE), Ministry of Defence and Rodrigues,

Duration: 80-person-days with 4 field missions spread over twelve months from January 2020 until December 2020

Submission of Proposal: Proposals should be submitted to: and should contain the duly filed Confirmation of Interest Form, CV and Financial Proposal.

Closing Date: 20 Dec 2019 at 00.00 (Midnight, New York, USA)


Annex A - Letter of confirmation of interest and availability and Submission of financial proposal
Annex B - Model Contact IC
Annex D - P11
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