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UNDP-CB-RFP-016-2 - Readvertised -Cloud based Application Tracking and Deployment Platform/Software.
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal UNDP1 - CPUP19-017   Click here to participate
Deadline :05-Feb-20 @ 05:00 PM (New York time)
Posted on :21-Jan-20 @ 04:08 PM (New York time)
Development Area :IT / COMPUTERS  IT / COMPUTERS
Reference Number :62782
Link to Atlas Project :
00093892 - CRU - Global Project - Crisis Response
Documents :
RFP Solicitation Documents (word)
Request for Clarifications No. 1
E-tendering manual for bidders
FAQ for bidders
Returnable Bidding Forms - word version
Overview :

*RFP-CPUP19-016 is being readvertised through this new procurement exercise*

The Office of Sourcing and Operations (OSO) of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereby invites you to submit a Proposal to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of Cloud based Application Tracking and Deployment Platform/Software.

This RFP includes the following documents:

Section 1: This Letter of Invitation

Section 2: Instruction to Bidders

Section 3: Bid Data Sheet (BDS)

Section 4: Evaluation Criteria

Section 5: Terms of Reference

Section 6: Returnable Bidding Forms

• Form A: Technical Proposal Submission Form

• Form B: Bidder Information Form

• Form C: Joint Venture/Consortium/Association Information Form

• Form D: Qualification Form

• Form E: Format of Technical Proposal

• Form F: Financial Proposal Submission Form

• Form G: Financial Proposal Form

If you are interested in submitting a Proposal in response to this RFP, please prepare your Proposal in accordance with the requirements and procedure as set out in this RFP and submit it by the Deadline for Submission of Proposals set out in Bid Data Sheet. If you request additional information, we would endeavor to provide information expeditiously, but any delay in providing such information will not be considered a reason for extending the submission date of your proposal. Please send your query to by COB 28th January 2020.

Please note that at any time prior to the deadline for submission of Proposals, UNDP may, for any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective Proposer, modify the Solicitation Documents by amendment, including through provision of supplementary information. Prospective Proposers are, therefore, advised to regularly check the UNDP website for amendments.

Important notes:

  • Bidders who already submitted a proposal through the e-tendering system for event ID: CPUP19-016 do not have to submit their proposal again unless you wish to update your proposal.
  • Proposals that are not duly submitted through the e-tendering platform within the deadline will not be accepted. We advise potential bidders to submit the proposals as soon as possible to avoid potential last-minute technical issues. Under no circumstances proposals will be accepted if they are not submitted through e-tendering.
  • Financial proposalS must be encrypted. Do not share the password with us at this stage. Should the financial bid not be encrypted the bid will be directly disqualified.

UNDP looks forward to receiving your Proposal and thank you in advance for your interest in UNDP procurement opportunities.

Central Procurement Unit BMS/UNDP

Please note that this procurement process is being conducted through the online tendering system of UNDP. Bidders who wish to submit an offer must be registered in the system. Visit this page for system user guides and videos in different languages:

If already registered, go to and sign in using your username and password. Use "Forgotten password" link if you do not remember your password. Do not create a new profile.

If you have never registered in the system before, you can register by visiting the above link, sign in with username below, and follow the instructions in the user guide:
  • Username: event.guest
  • Password: why2change

If you are interested to participate in this Tender, it is strongly recommended that you log in and subscribe to the Tender using "Accept Invitation" feature so you can keep updated with Tender amendments including deadline. Note that in case of inconsistencies between information in eTendering system and other premises, information in eTendering system prevails.