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Consultancy for Strategic Planning and Management
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :Banjul - GAMBIA
Deadline :14-Feb-20
Posted on :31-Jan-20
Reference Number :63042
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The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is the National Human Rights Institution for The Gambia that was established by an Act of the National Assembly in December 2017. The five Commissioners of the NHRC were officially sworn in by the President of the Republic of The Gambia on the 14 February 2019. The Commission is a permanent, independent body whose functions include the promotion and protection of human rights in The Gambia; monitoring, receiving, investigating and considering complaints of human rights violations in The Gambia; recommending appropriate remedial action to the Government; seeking appropriate redress on behalf of victims; increasing public awareness and education programs to promote a culture of human rights in The Gambia and assisting the Government in the formulation of appropriate policies to guarantee human rights.

Being newly established, the Commission is aware of the need to have in place strategic directions which would ensure that the work planned and conducted are effective and efficient.  In May 2019, the Commission formulated and adopted its vision, mission and core values as well as developed a work plan for 2019. With a broad mandate for the promotion and protection of human rights in The Gambia, it is very important that the Commission transforms itself from a relatively known institution to a household name.

Expectations from the public are growing and these would multiply as the Commission grows in stature. In line with the functions and powers in the National Human Rights Commission Act 2017, there is the urgent need to have in place a strategic plan which maps out the direction and focus of the Commission to ensure it stays on course, remains relevant, visible and credible, fulfils its mandate and takes on board new realities in the human rights environment.

To be able to deliver any ‘service’ which satisfies or meets the standards the Commission sets out for itself, it would need to periodically have answers to the following questions: what do we want to achieve? How do we achieve this? Are we doing what we say we are doing? Have we achieved the standards? What changes or corrections need to be made? A human rights body which aspires to build a culture of human rights must have a magnetic vision of where it is going, which is subscribed to by all constituent parts and its staff, is sensitive to the needs of its primary ‘clients’, the people of The Gambia, gives distinct satisfaction to its staff and continually improve both in terms of its actual service and its efficiency.

A new Strategic Plan will give the Commission the needed vision and direction which reflect its values, beliefs and aspirations. It will ensure the examination of the roles of the Commission, its partners and stakeholders and of the people of the Gambia in the promotion and protection of the human rights and building an entrenchment of a culture of human rights in the country.  It will also enable the Commission to think about the big picture and plans, align stakeholder needs with a plan that can be put into operation, make decisions, prioritize and solve problems, as well as manage both resources and change.


Consultancy Objective

The overall objective of this consultancy is to develop a five-year Strategic Plan (including operational and resource mobilization plans) for the period 2020-2024, to ensure that the National Human Rights Commission fulfils its mandates and functions as stipulated in the National Human Rights Commission Act 2017.


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