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90557-Consultant to conduct an analysis of the alignment between the national budget and support to the implementation of SDGs in Namibia
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :11-Mar-20
Posted on :03-Mar-20
Reference Number :63924
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00116728 - Support to Inclusive Governance
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The SDGs recognize the importance of better disaggregation of budget and expenditure data at the national and subnational levels including by sex to improve tracking of spending related to SDGs and efforts to improve gender equality, accountability, and transparency. Equally important is for all actors in various institutions to explore how the SDGs are translating into national policy, budget, spending, and results to determine the extent to which reduction in poverty reduction and inequality is progressing. An SDG audit of the national budgets would be important to highlight shortfalls and areas in need of action in the future for SDGs budgeting, monitoring, and reporting. UNDP therefore plans to undertake an in-depth review and assessment of the national budgets annually and make recommendation including developing practical approaches for effective accountable spending, monitoring, and reporting on the SDGs. This will be done by engaging external consultant or team of consultants​.

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