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Individual Consultancy for Institutional and Regulatory Reviw of Protected Area Management and Financing in PNG
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - PAPUA NEW GUINEA
Deadline :18-Mar-20
Posted on :04-Mar-20
Reference Number :63950
Link to Atlas Project :
00086294 - PIMS5507 FSP Sustainable Finance of Papua New Guinea
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Description of assignment : Individual Consultancy for Institutional and Regulatory Review of Protected Area Management and Financing in Papua New Guinea , IC/PNG/008-2020

Duration: 60 days over 8 months

The project, Sustainable Finance of Papua New Guinea’s Protected Area Network, will extend Government of PNG’s ability to fulfil its protected area mandate and implement the Protected Area Policy: (i) secure stable and long-term financial resources for the management of protected areas across the country; (ii) ensure that these financial resources are allocated to contribute to improving effectiveness of the management of the protected areas across the country; and (iii) ensure that they are managed cost-effectively and efficiently with respect to their conservation and other complementary development objectives. In recognition of this need, the project will assist with the development of a diversified mix of conventional and innovative funding sources and consolidate revenues to finance the ongoing costs of establishing and managing protected areas, and assist the Government to establish a Biodiversity Trust Fund (consistent with Protected Areas Bill) – that will be built on a secure, accountable and transparent financial mechanism, for receiving, administering and disbursing funds. The project will, therefore, result in a system that will provide catalytic and long-term financial support that will lead to stable ecosystems (both within and outside of protected areas), coupled with the social transformations to make that happen (including transforming institutions to become supporters/facilitators of that process, and the establishment of long-term partnerships).

The mandate of the various organisations, particularly the government entities, related to the governance and management of protected areas in the country is not clear.  This is primarily because of the rather unique nature of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the customary land tenure system within the country – and the institutions have not been built in response to the unique nature of the environment and society.  As a result, there is a need to ensure that each organisation is clear about its mandate, with its roles and responsibilities within the sector.

The result will be a clear understanding and mapping of all organisations’ roles and responsibilities with respect to protected area management and financing; the mapping will also include how different genders and ages vulnerable groups are included in the system (including within the government and non-state actors).  The stakeholders will be better equipped to understand their capacity development needs because they will understand where their capacity is limited with respect to those roles and responsibilities.  The institutional mapping process will also identify the gaps within the system and, as a result, it will determine which organisations are best positioned to fill those gaps. 

The project is now seeking a national expert with experience in the policy, regulatory and institutional environment related to Protected Areas (PA) management to provide technical inputs that will inform the development of the PA Financial Plan.

Experiences and Qualifcaiotn Required

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in institutional development, public administration and or related discipline.
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience with a minimum 10 years in institutional development, policy development and management of development programs/projects linked to biodiversity protection and conservation.
  • Familiarity with UNDP policies and procedures is an advantage.
  • Proven experience working with institutions in Papua New Guinea


  • Fluency in English and Tok Pisin with excellent verbal and written skills.

Submission Instrustions

Completed proposals should be submitted to , no later than 18 March 2020. For any clarification regarding this assignment please write to 

Please be guided by the instructions provided in this document above while preparing your submission.

Incomplete proposals and failure to comply with proposal submission instruction may not be considered or may result in disqualification of proposal.

UNDP looks forward to receiving your Proposal and thank you in advance for your interest in UNDP procurement opportunities.